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On our BabyWombWorld blog we have partnered with industry experts to provide articles and tips on a wide variety of topics. Whether you are pregnant and drowning in the constant stream of new information  flowing from all directions, or a parent already who is wishing that your kids came with manuals, our team can assist. Enjoy the browse and feel free to send us any feedback and suggestions – we would love to hear from you! 

To Co-Sleep or NOT, that is the question


Co-sleeping- some make the choice willingly, others en up doing it out of desperation!One of the most common questions my clients ask is when they need to move their babies out of their room and out of their cots. In a more hushed tone it sometimes follows, as if they’re sharing a dirty little secret: […]

Why Sleep training doesn’t work


WHY SLEEP TRAINING DOESN’T WORK?   Working in the baby/parenting industry I know that there are many topics that can cause a big debate.  Topics that can get parents talking, engaging and give passionate opinions on.  In the sleep space this is no different and even just the words ‘sleep training’ might send a shiver […]

Breastfeeding while back at work? Yes, it is possible!


There is no question about it. Continuing to breastfeed when going back to work can be tricky, but you’ve come this far momma, and we are here to guide you! There are many advantages to continuing breastfeeding for longer than the first 3-4 months of your little one’s life. For mosts moms, the only way […]

An expert guide to weaning


Weaning baby off the breast can be a stressful experience for mom and baby. As with most other parenting challenges, there is not one correct way to do it. You must find the solutions that fits you and your family. What is weaning? For the purpose of this blog, weaning refers to stopping breastfeeding. In […]

mom sitting with baby while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding: The new mom’s guide


Congratulations! Your new baby is finally here. After months of waiting and planning the birth is behind you and you have officially launched into motherhood and you can start that long awaited breastfeeding journey you have been dreaming of. Very often, successful breastfeeding is in the mind The very first step to breastfeeding success is […]

Marita from Tummies Full of Love preparing some healthy vegetables for a toddler or baby meal.

Picky eater be gone!!


Goodbye picky eater, hello happy mom Picky eating happens in the blink of an eye- one day, your baby is happily gobbling up any food you offer, and the next, they pull up their noses and CRINGE at the sight of that sweet potato they used to love. Laying down the foundation for healthy eating […]

age appropriate feeding guidelines

Age appropriate feeding guidelines


Starting solid foods is an exciting journey. It is important to make sure that you adapt your approach to keep up with baby’s changing needs. Below some guidelines on how you should adapt the food your baby eats to his age and developmental stage. A word of caution before you read further Remember that there […]

5 Custom Recipes Specific for the BabyWombWorld Food Processor


You don’t have to be a master in the kitchen to make delicious home-cooked baby food. We’ve got you covered with these easy-to-follow, nutritious, balanced recipes. Pop these recipe cards on your fridge, grab your BabyWombWorld Food processor and get cooking!!!! Today, Marita shares this colourful, flavoursome puree. Not only does it look beautiful- it […]

introduction to solids babywombworld

Stick to these tips and you will get introduction to solids right


Early childhood feeding – both milk feeding and solid foods – lay the foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits. This is a good time to evaluate your family’s eating habits and to decide if some changes are necessary. Eventually your child will eat what the rest of the family members are eating. And the first […]