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Moms We Love – Carmen Boucher


In this episode of Mom’s We Love Carmen Boucher, mom to a 9-month-old boy shares her emotions about a few of those challenges that we don’t see coming but that all new mothers are bound to face. With her hubby working away from home a lot knows well the challenges of not only having to […]

Breastmilk Production and Supply – Terms and Conditions Apply


“I didn’t have enough milk”. As a well-baby clinic sister, I hear this phrase literally every day. It evokes feelings of sympathy because I know that I’m simply hearing a mommy who was feeling anxious about her breastmilk supply and scared that her baby was going hungry. Occasionally I recognise a mom who found the […]

Can you have a life and breastfeed?


A question that must raise its head in the minds of many new mothers is often can you have a life and breastfeed? How on earth do you cope with the demands of breastfeeding, while still remaining a grown-up with many other responsibilities and her own wants and needs? This may still look possible while […]

How to get your baby to sleep


An ironic topic to be writing about, seeing as it’s 02h00 and I’m awake. Because you can only be woken-up so many times in a row before sleep eludes you completely, for the next few hours at least. At which time you will start growing drowsy again, right in time for the next ‘mama…’ to […]

Setting the Page for A Good Night’s Sleep


As moms, we can often feel helpless when it comes to our babies, especially with their sleep.  We look for ways to be able to feel in control and positively change our baby’s sleeping habits.  This is easier said than done and often leads to more excuses than solutions.  Creating the optimal sleep environment can […]

How Birth Influences Breastfeeding: A Domino Effect


If you are currently pregnant, the birth of your baby is probably one of the biggest events that you’ve ever had coming up. Many women don’t realise that they have to prepare and make decisions, placing instead the responsibility of their care in the hands of the healthcare professionals looking after them. And while this […]

Camp cot or traditional cot – which should you choose?


Ask any exhibitor – baby expo’s are gruelling hard work. Each of a stand that a visitor experience in a few short hours entails weeks of preparation beforehand, planning a stand, ordering stock and setting it all up. That is followed by a few full-packed days of talking to parents, answering questions (like which cot […]

10 Baby-boosting Ingredients in Breastmilk


Most mothers know that breastmilk offers superior nutrition to their babies and that it can protect the baby from illness and disease. But the wonders of breastmilk stretch far beyond these already amazing properties, and scientists are continuously discovering new components of breastmilk that we didn’t know about previously. Let’s look at a few ingredients […]