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12 Benefits of practicing babywearing


Babywearing is exactly what the name says it is – wearing or carrying your baby with the help of a sling, wrap, cloth or carrier. Many parents want to practice babywearing, but with the wide choice of carriers available they feel confused as to where to start. Others have tried baby wearing and found that […]

6 Signs that your baby may be sensitive to formula (and what to do about it)


Although we all agree that breastmilk is best for baby, there are times when breastfeeding is simply not possible and where a baby will need formula milk. Over the last decades both the variety of infant formulas available and the formulations of different formulas have improved a lot. But despite this some babies may still […]

House Rules for Healthier Habits in Children


We live in a world where our children are bombarded with unhealthy food options from literally everywhere. Granny’s treat cupboards, supermarkets lines, tuckshops, playdates, restaurant kiddie menus, friends’ birthday parties… I can carry on and on. Those of you with older children will know what I mean. To avoid this, it is important to set […]

BabyWombWorld and Good Night Baby Collaboration


At BabyWombWorld our mission is to make your life as a parent that little bit easier, both through our innovative and extremely useful product range and through information and support. For the latter, we partner with various experts in the parenting arena, ensuring that you have help at hand. And is there a topic on […]

Exclusive pumping – another feeding alternative


The last few decades have brought a boom in the variety and quality of breastpumps and other feeding equipment available to nursing mothers. Together with the increasing information available on the value of breastmilk and on breastmilk storage, another feeding alternative has emerged and is growing in popularity – exclusive pumping. This basically means that […]

Moms We Love – Carmen Boucher


In this episode of Mom’s We Love Carmen Boucher, mom to a 9-month-old boy shares her emotions about a few of those challenges that we don’t see coming but that all new mothers are bound to face. With her hubby working away from home a lot knows well the challenges of not only having to […]

Breastmilk Production and Supply – Terms and Conditions Apply


“I didn’t have enough milk”. As a well-baby clinic sister, I hear this phrase literally every day. It evokes feelings of sympathy because I know that I’m simply hearing a mommy who was feeling anxious about her breastmilk supply and scared that her baby was going hungry. Occasionally I recognise a mom who found the […]

Can you have a life and breastfeed?


A question that must raise its head in the minds of many new mothers is often can you have a life and breastfeed? How on earth do you cope with the demands of breastfeeding, while still remaining a grown-up with many other responsibilities and her own wants and needs? This may still look possible while […]