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At BabyWombworld  we believe raising kids is the most important job in the world. Our mission is to make your life as a parent a bit easier by providing not only innovative and practical products , but also trustworthy information. 


On our BabyWombWorld blog we have partnered with industry experts to provide articles and tips on a wide variety of topics. Whether you are pregnant and drowning in the constant stream of new information  flowing from all directions, or a parent already who is wishing that your kids came with manuals, our team can assist. Enjoy the browse and feel free to send us any feedback and suggestions – we would love to hear from you! 

Moms We Love – Christine Klynhans


Christine Klynhans is a midwife, lactation consultant and well-baby clinic sister and is part of a team of experts that BabyWombWorld compiled to help us help moms. Christine not only works with parents every day, but also has her own small children. This really enables her to have empathy and understanding of what clients are […]

Moms We Love – Danielle de Villiiers


Today, on Moms we Love, we chat to Danielle de Villiers. Danielle is enthusiastic about motherhood and a firm believer in each mom’s ability to best raise her child. Wife to cricket player AB de Villiers she also knows about the challenges that a partner’s busy work schedule brings in a household with small children. […]

Moms We Love – Elmarie Boesenberg


Elmarie Boesenberg was the very first person we have interviewed for the BabyWombWorld Moms We Love YouTube channel. ‘Moms We Love’, is a platform where we give moms the opportunity to share in the experiences of other moms who are having the same challenges. The purpose is not only for mothers to learn from each […]

Introducing ‘Moms We Love’ – The heart of motherhood


The births of our two children changed everything for me – my perspectives, priorities, how I spend my time and money, and where I find my joy. In fact, my whole self-image changed. I was no longer just a man and a husband; I was a father, with responsibilities so massive that it sometimes left […]

Setting My Goals for the Year – How goals can change your life


My Goal: To have a wonderful year! Although you can implement change anytime in your life, the clean slate that comes with a new year inspires most of us to reach new heights. The possibilities are simply endless! In addition to this, you probably spent some R&R time, which rejuvenates and refreshes the mind, leaving […]

Tips for Teaching Your Child Shapes


As parents, we all want to teach our children as much as we can. We want to help them to make sense of the world around them. It is possible to teach your child about the different shapes in a way that makes it fun for them. It is important to remember that your child […]

Five basic tips for breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is meant to be an easy and natural process. However, this is not always the case. It takes work and practice and is generally not for the faint of heart.  Here are some baby breastfeeding tips to start you on your breastfeeding journey if this is what you choose. Get help early. Start researching […]

Breastfeeding whilst working – why all the hassle?


There are no questions about it. Working and breastfeeding is more difficult than staying at home and breastfeeding or than working and formula feeding. For those who choose this option, hard work and effort await. Perhaps this is why so many mothers don’t even attempt to continue breastfeeding when going back to work. In my […]