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At BabyWombworld we believe raising kids is the most important job in the world. Our mission is to make your life as a parent a bit easier by providing not only innovative and practical products , but also trustworthy information. 

On our BabyWombWorld blog we have partnered with industry experts to provide articles and tips on a wide variety of topics. Whether you are pregnant and drowning in the constant stream of new information  flowing from all directions, or a parent already who is wishing that your kids came with manuals, our team can assist. Enjoy the browse and feel free to send us any feedback and suggestions – we would love to hear from you! 

Sleep Regression – everything you need to know


On the top of the list of pregnant couples’ concerns lies their baby’s (and their own) sleep patterns. And this is indeed a cause for concern. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. Many people feel that they can’t cope without their sleep and don’t know if they can master this part of parenting. And […]

Dad’s role in breastfeeding


Although fathers have become far more involved in raising their children in the last few decades, there are still a few things that they can’t really do. One of these is breastfeeding, which remains mom’s privilege (and sometimes pain!). In this article, we discuss dad’s role in breastfeeding. For many new fathers, this is a […]

BabyWombWorld Shines at the MamaMagic Product Rewards


End of last year it was again the Joburg Summer MamaMagic Baby Expo, undoubtedly one of our favourite events of the year. Of course the other big reason we love MamaMagic is the MamaMagic Product Rewards. The MamaMagic New Product Rewards recognise and reward newly launched products in the pregnancy and parenting industry. Although hosting […]

Moms We Love – Mari-Louise from Just A Mamma blog


In this episode of Mom’s We Love, we talk to Mari-Louise Candiote, mother of three and SA’s best Mommy Blogger of 2019. Mari-Louise from Just A Mamma blog aims at always keeping it real and helpful, rather than just being one more source of worthless noise in a world that is already too busy. Whether […]

Worms in kids | What you need to know


Whether you like it or not, up to 50% of children under 5 years of age will be affected by worms at some stage. We have broken it down to the bare basics that you should know about worms in kids. Although you can reduce the risk of your kids getting worms, you can’t avoid […]

Why all the worry about screen time for toddlers?


We have all been there – you show your 2-year-old a real photograph of someone and they try to “swipe” it across. We all roll around laughing at how funny it is, but this actually indicates a developmental problem in the making. Screen time creates a need for instant gratification in toddlers, whose little brains […]

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat – enjoy responsibly


Nothing can describe the feeling of hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, a confirmation that the fairly abstract little bundle of cells is indeed a human being. As the pregnancy continues, hearing your baby’s heartbeat also reassures you that all is well. Firstly, how can one hear baby’s heartbeat? There are three devices […]

What to do when your baby has a fever


Nothing can fully describe the feeling of dread and panic that you feel the first time your baby has a fever. Putting your hand on that little body and feeling it almost burning you is horrible. The sad news is that although it may be a first for you, it’s most certainly not going to […]