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age appropriate feeding guidelines

Age appropriate feeding guidelines


Starting solid foods is an exciting journey. It is important to make sure that you adapt your approach to keep up with baby’s changing needs. Below some guidelines on how you should adapt the food your baby eats to his age and developmental stage. A word of caution before you read further Remember that there […]

5 Custom Recipes Specific for the BabyWombWorld Food Processor


You don’t have to be a master in the kitchen to make delicious home-cooked baby food. We’ve got you covered with these easy-to-follow, nutritious, balanced recipes. Pop these recipe cards on your fridge, grab your BabyWombWorld Food processor and get cooking!!!! Today, Marita shares this colourful, flavoursome puree. Not only does it look beautiful- it […]

introduction to solids babywombworld

Stick to these tips and you will get introduction to solids right


Early childhood feeding – both milk feeding and solid foods – lay the foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits. This is a good time to evaluate your family’s eating habits and to decide if some changes are necessary. Eventually your child will eat what the rest of the family members are eating. And the first […]

nebulizer and what you need to know

Everything you need to know about a nebulizer and nebulizing your baby


Winter has arrived and so have all the nursery school germs, as you will know if you have small children. Runny noses, coughing and wheezing will be running rampant for the next few months. A tool that many mothers don’t know about and don’t use is a nebulizer. We guarantee that once you do, you […]

cope with pain after birth

Tools for your hospital bag to help you cope with pain after birth


Most women will agree that vaginal birth was probably one of the most painful things they ever had to do. Several women report pain and discomfort after vaginal birth. An amazing secret of natural birth is that labour pains stop promptly the moment when baby is delivered. Sadly, this is when a Caesarean section mom’s […]

Food allergies in children – can they be prevented?


Food allergies and sensitivities in children are tough challenges. The symptoms it causes can range from unpleasant to downright life threatening. Convincing a small child that he cannot eat certain foods is also not easy. This is of course if you managed to accurately identify the allergen, which may take years. Elimination diets are often […]

Baby-led weaning – what is it and should you do it?


Baby-led weaning is a feeding method that started in the UK but is now popular with parents across the world who are looking for more natural parenting approaches. With baby-led weaning, some babies skip pureed food altogether. Instead, parents put chunks of soft-cooked food in front of baby to feed himself. As a well-baby clinic […]

Hiccups in babies

Hiccups in babies


Most new parents are freaked out by their little ones’ frequent periods of hiccupping. Perhaps this is because we know how uncomfortable hiccups are for grown-ups. However, hiccups in babies is a fairly normal thing. In fact, many babies already hiccup in the womb, from as early as 21 weeks in the pregnancy. Mom will feel […]

how to manage screen time in kids better babywombworld

Screen time for kids – how to make better choices


Before the pandemic, many parents already found it challenging to manage children’s screen time. Add to this mix lock-down, school closures, no babysitting and working from home? Ta-da! Your child can now speak English with an American accent, and if you look closely you’ll see his eyes are slightly squared. In this article, we discuss […]