About us

We are a brand on a mission to try and help make parenting easier.

Started by a parent

Our journey began in 2015

Our son, Phillip, was born in December 2013. Like any new parent the steep learning curve of how to raise a child then started. But just as much as we had to learn to raise a child, Phillip had to learn to adapt from womb to world. As most parents will agree it becomes a trial and error journey, in search for what is best for both you and your child. With the internet, parenting advice of different people and all the various baby products that one can choose from, we felt that it made decision-making challenging and parenting more complicated.

For other parents

Making a difference

This journey led to the creation of BabyWombWorld. The combination of looking at the womb-world, the instinctive loving care of a mother and the analytical engineering background of a father, resulted in the first BabyWombWorld product that made a huge difference in our lives. Ever since we are constantly looking at ways and means, using what we have learned, to assist new parents with this unfamiliar transition of womb to world. We believe that our premium baby products will make a difference in every parent’s life!

Our Team

We are here to help you!

Since the start of BabyWombWorld our team has grown every year and we now have a passionate and dedicated team of people that are there to help you as parent. Customer satisfaction us our number one priority and we are always ready to take your call and to help you in whatever way possible.

Our incredible team are here for you

Heinrich Nell

"Becoming a parent is one of the best feelings in the world! But it comes with its challenges. I created this brand to help each and every parent on this amazing, yet interesting journey."

Tiaan van der Bank

"We don't want to be just another brand. We want to be a brand that make your life easier as a parent through the products and content we provide."

Julene Jevon

General Manager

Demi Erlank

Customer Service & Operations Manager
“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough for us. We want to make sure our clients become raving fans.”

Tracy Arends

Happy Sikhitha

Office Administrative
Teisi Skosana

Teisi Skosana

Product Returns
"The BabyWombWorld Nanny Camera is so easy to install and to operate! I can watch my house now from anywhere. And the best part is I can add as many extra cameras as I want!"
Kolbe Lubbe
"I’m really excited about the addition of the new Horigen Double Electric Breast Pump to the market, as not only does it retail at an excellent price (in fact, at the time of the review definitely the most affordable of all the double pumps) which would make it accessible to so many more women, but I also feel that it has some attributes which really sets it apart from the rest."
Christine Klynhans

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