What is Babywearing?

what is babywearing

Baby wearing is not a new trend, parents have been wearing their babies for many years but what exactly is it? Simply put baby wearing is the practise of keeping your baby close to your body by carrying them in a sling, wrap or any other form of baby carrier.

During pregnancy, your child is kept safe, secure and warm inside your tummy, baby wearing makes it easier for your baby to transition to the outside world. They are wrapped tightly against your body, creating a safe environment for them that mimics their world in utero. Being against your chest also allows them to hear your heartbeat which provides them with comfort.  For many cultures baby wearing is a traditional practise but it is growing in popularity in many western cultures, mainly because of its many benefits.

A few of the benefits of baby wearing are:

Convenience: Wearing your baby in a sling makes your daily life easier because you have your hands free and can get your chores done while your baby is still safe and secure close to you. It makes it easier for you to get out and about with your little one, you can wear them comfortably why you are shopping or catching up with your friends.

Breastfeeding on demand: Having your baby close to you in a sling makes breastfeeding easy and it can be done discreetly. It also helps moms to detect when their baby is hungry early on, this way they can avoid a crying baby.

Your baby will cry less: A study conducted concluded that babies who were carried closed to their parents cried 43% less overall and 51% less during the evenings. A crying new-born can be very stressful for a new parent, this benefit is probably one of the biggest ones in those early weeks with your new baby.

Strengthens the bond between parent and baby: Parents who wear their baby’s regularly throughout the day maintain and strengthen the bond between them and their baby. This is particularly important in the first few weeks of your child’s life but also helps when they get older and struggle with milestones like separation anxiety.

Deciding on how you want to wear your baby is a personal choice. BabyWombWorld has both a sling and a wrap for parents to use. Both carriers have the same benefits and can be used from birth. You can purchase both carriers on Amazon and Takealot.

By Laura-Kim

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