Top Tips for Travelling with a Toddler

Holidays are around the corner, weeks of summer fun with family and friends. Before you had children going on holiday meant grabbing a few things, throwing them in a bag and heading out. It does become a little more complicated when children are added. There is a lot more to plan, consider and remember to pack. If you are going away for the first time with your toddler, these top tips may help make the experience easier for everyone.Travelling with toddlers|BabyWombWorld

Make a list. Write down everything you need to pack in, trying  to remember it all is doable but increases the chances of you leaving something behind. Once you have packed something in, cross it off the list. Making a list will also help with planning, you will know what you need and what you still need to buy.

Pack a “spare” bag. Regardless of whether you are driving or flying to your destination pack a bag that is easily accessible that has a change of clothes, wet wipes, a spare dummy, a spare bottle and some nappies in. If you are driving make sure that this bag is somewhere that you can access it easily.

Medicine is a must. Make sure you have the basic medication packed, something for nausea, diarrhea and fevers are a must. Travelling with toddlers|BabyWombWorld

Plan to stop. This may mean your trip is a little longer than you would like it to be but regular stops can make all the difference. The stops don’t have to be long, they are a chance for toddler to run around a little bit and take a break from being cramped in their car seat.

Introduce new toys. Travel is a great time to introduce new toys, or forgotten toys. These are more likely to keep their attention than toys they play with daily. Pick toys that are easy for them to play with in the car or in the confined space of an airplane.

Have you traveled with your toddler before? What tips can you add?

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