Top 5 things you need for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mom and baby

I had a beautiful breastfeeding journey with both my kids- 18 months with each of them. Some moments were beyond precious, others were gut wrenching, some filled me with joy while others brought me to tears- some happy, others not.

With a total of 3 years of breastfeeding behind me, I’ve learnt a thing or two about what you really need to get the job done!

Breast Pads

Ok, so lets be real- I’m tiny but the amount of milk I produced was UNREAL! Breast pads were an absolute MUST have item to get me through the first 4 months of breastfeeding without leaking all over the place.

I loved these washable breast pads from Pokkelokkie– locally made and super absorbent.



Covers and blankets just didn’t work for me so I opted to invest in a functional breastfeeding wardrobe.

I fell in live with two local brands- Momsy and Anneen Henze.

Both these brands made breastfeeding comfortable and discreet without all the fuss of needing to cover up. These are also brands who produce locally, yeah!

A good nursing bra also goes a LONG way.

Nipple cream

With my first, nipple cream was my saving grace during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. My son had an incorrect latch so my eyes filled with tears every time it was time to feed. SO nipple cream became my saving grace!!!!!! Later on, a bit of breastmilk on the nipple really helped as well.

By the time I was breastfeeding my second, I never even opened a tube of nipple cream- so give yourself some grace and listen to your body.

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Breast pump

Wondering if you really need a breast pump? I was that mom, the one who said I’ll see how it goes and then buy a pump. I ended up being the mom who, on day 3 said hello to engorgement, painful breasts, a flood of hormones and feeling clueless.

Yes, they say you shouldn’t pump before 6 weeks- but for me, a pump was a LIFESAVER and helped me soothe my painfully engorged breasts during those first few days.

Thereafter, my breast pump became a part of my daily life, allowing me to not only provide milk for my kids when I’m not at home, but also donate my excess milk to the South-African Breastmilk Reserve.

Keep it simple

Yes, you’ll read a lot about nipple shields and cabbage leaves while navigating the world of breastfeeding- but try and keep it simple. If you struggle, ask for help from those who know best. 

Trust your body, trust your journey.

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