Tips for Teaching Your Child Shapes

As parents, we all want to teach our children as much as we can. We want to help them to make sense of the world around them. It is possible to teach your child about the different shapes in a way that makes it fun for them.

It is important to remember that your child will take some time to figure out the names of the shapes, so focus on repeating the names of the shapes, start with the basic shapes first and then introduce more once they have mastered the basic ones.

  1. Shape matching games – Find 2 sets of each shapes, if your child is still small focus on 3 or 4 different shapes. Show your child each of the shapes, say the names of each shape a few times and then show them one of the shapes and ask them to find the matching shape.
  2. Sorting and stacking – Get some different shaped blocks, muddle them up and encourage your child to stack all the triangles, all the squares etc.
  3. Find shapes around the house – Encourage your child to collect all the circle shaped objects they can see around the house. If you have older children start introducing different, more complex shapes like hexagons.
  4. Press shapes out of play dough – Allow your child to press out the shapes into play dough. Once they pressed the shapes out, let them feel the shapes and talk about what happens when you put two triangles together, how many corners they have etc.
  5. Use a magnetic board – Use our BabyWombWorld Magnetic Pattern Blocks to help your child build shapes from the shapes they have. You can also use this board to sort shapes and teach your child about patterns.

Shapes are all around us, in your home, your child’s toy box and books. Make teaching them about the different shapes fun and encourage them to identify shapes that are around them.

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