Mom, read this before you plan your maternity photo shoot

tips and tricks for maternity shoot

For expecting parents, every day is filled with excitement about the upcoming birth of their little one… and not to mention the growing bump! Booking a professional maternity shoot is a great way to treasure the memory of your pregnancy. Maternity photography not only captures your beautiful bump, but also the emotions that accompany the final stretch of pregnancy.

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Apart from newborn sessions, maternity sessions are my favourite kind of shoot. Meeting excited parents-to-be is a real pleasure.

No matter for which occasion, most people find a photoshoot stressful. In fact, I rarely meet couples who feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Here are some top tips and tricks for your maternity shoot

Choosing a photographer

Photography is an art form, and as with other artists, photographers are also unique. Find a photographer who produces photographs that resonate with you, and that fits your personality. You pay for the knowledge and experience your photographer has built over the years.

There are many styles of maternity photography out there, including:

  • In-the-home lifestyle maternity
  • Studio maternity
  • Soft palette, light and airy
  • Modern fashionista with vibrant colours
  • Boho chic
  • Belly boudoir.

Look at different photographers’ social media posts and websites, and choose a photographer that consistently produces photos you would love in your home.

I love building a relationship with my clients, firstly meeting them for a maternity shoot, possibly capturing the birth of their little one, meeting baby in a newborn shoot, and celebrating their parenting journeys with birthday and family shoots as time passes.

Choosing outfits

Lots of time and effort goes into finding the correct outfit. Ultimately you should wear something you feel comfortable in and that fits your personality.

Stretchy fabrics that cling to your belly are great for showcasing your bump. Alternatively chunky sweaters and leggings can produce beautiful, relaxed photos. Long flowy dresses can make for sweetly romantic shots, while a pair of jeans and a button down shirt will give a relaxed vibe.

Bring along a second outfit, tie your hair back or pop on a jacket. This way all your photos won’t look exactly the same.

Remember that if you feel beautiful, you’ll look beautiful. Make sure you partner feels comfortable as well. Try to keep his outfit neutral and understated.

Make a big deal

You don’t need to break the bank on wardrobe, hair and makeup, but a little bit of effort will pay off. If your budget is tight, ask a friend who loves doing hair and makeup to help you out, or suggest list some salon vouchers on your baby shower wish-list.

Feeling polished and beautiful shines through on camera, so give yourself a little boost.

Time your maternity shoot well

Between 31-36 weeks is the ideal time to have your photos taken. Your bump will be clearly visible, but you will still be feeling fairly comfortable.

Be sure to book your photo shoot at least one to two months in advance, as bookings tend to fill up fast.

Choosing a venue

Choose a setting you love – this can be at home, outside in nature, at a venue or in a studio.

Currently both  heavily styled studio sessions and relaxed home-based shoots are fashionable.

Personally, I love the relaxed vibe of an at home session or a natural light studio.

Have fun!

While you may feel insecure in front of the camera, your photos will become priceless memories, so try and enjoy it. Before you know it, pregnancy will be a distant memory and you’ll be cuddling the days away with your bundle of joy.

Relax, embrace your bump and make beautiful memories.

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