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My son, Phillip, was born in December 2013. Like any new parent the steep learning curve of how to raise a child then started. But just as much as we had to learn to raise a child, Phillip had to learn to adapt from womb to world.

As most parents will agree, it becomes a trial and error journey, in search for what is best for both you and your child. With the internet, the advice of different people and all the various baby products that one can choose from, we felt that it made decision making challenging and parenting more complicated.

My wife and I were so overwhelmed with all the information and choices, we ended up buying way more stuff than what we actually needed in the end.

The reality of the matter is having your first child is a daunting experience and an expensive exercise! And the funny part for me is the fact that once the baby is born you then only realise what you actually need.

But I do agree that the awaiting the birth of your child’s birth is an exciting time and the preparation of the baby room, buying those little jumpers and making sure you are ready are one of the best times in your life!

But back to the story

The above journey led to the creation of BabyWombWorld in 2015.

The combination of looking at the womb-world, the instinctive loving care of a mother and the analytical engineering background of a father, resulted in the first BabyWombWorld product that made a huge difference in our lives – the BabyWombWorld Ring Sling!

Many people do not like a ring sling but in my view, I think this is one of the best products on the market and was in our case a life saver! We used our ring sling daily and when Phillip got irritated or difficult, he went into the sling and within minutes he calmed down or even fell asleep. We took this sling wherever we went. In my view, this was the most important and best baby product we had with both our children! And yet nobody told us to buy one up front.

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Ever since, we are constantly looking at ways and means, using what we have learned, to assist new parents with this unfamiliar transition of womb to world. Our mission at BabyWombWorld is simple, but one that we live by every day and whenever we look at new products this is our ultimate criteria:


What have we achieved this far?

Over the past years, we have been blessed with some wonderful feedback on the products we have launched. And as I have already mentioned, we strive to always look at what mothers need and to see whether there is new product and innovations that will make your life easier.

Below are some of our achievements thus far:

One of our proudest moments was when out Portable Mesh Nebuliser was named as the overall best new baby product for 2017 in South Africa.

This award is a yearly award presented by MamaMagic during which all the best new products for the year gets judged by experts and parents.

The Future

At BabyWombWorld we are continuously looking at ways and means to how we can help you as a new or current parent. And in 2019 you will not only see the launch of some exciting new products, but we are also going to share with you a lot more content from various perspectives that we believe will help you as a mother or a father.

We are teaming up with some industry experts and on a weekly basis, we will be providing you with tips and relevant news that will hopefully give you an alternative view of how to raise your child or just to cope as a mother.

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I am the father of a 3-year-old daughter, Lana, and a 5-year-old boy, Phillip.

We live in a world where we are bombarded with social media and celebrities giving us the ultimate lifestyle pictures and fantasies. The reality, however, is those “ideal pictures” are far from normal. I think most of you can agree with me that life as a parent can be challenging, yet for some reason, we do not share those realities and many parents then think they are alone. I can promise you that is not the case!

It is for that reason why we are also launching a brand new YouTube Channel called “Moms We Love“.  I believe it is important for moms to share information and that is exactly what we want to achieve with Moms We Love.

I think that is enough from me. I hope I have given you some insight about BabyWombWorld and our plans for the year. Please stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter and make sure that you follow our Social Media Pages.

Kind regards,

Heinrich Nell

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Heinrich started the BabyWombWorld brand in 2015 after the birth of his son Phillip. He is a qualified mechanical engineer but has that his true passion lies in helping parents. Through his experience, working with experts in the field and by providing quality products to new parents he hopes to help make your life as a parent a bit easier!