An expectant dad’s guide to pregnancy


You’re becoming a dad While you may be constantly present and involved, the 9 months of pregnancy really are all about the mother. Many dads feel helpless and unsure of how to support their partner. You may also be having your own emotions around impending fatherhood – the responsibility of a baby, the financial implications, […]

What do I need for my newborn baby – free checklist


Preparing for the arrival of your newborn With literally thousands of baby products available in stores and online, you’ll find yourself asking “what exactly do I need for my newborn baby?” In truth- you don’t need a lot for your newborn. However, there are a few essentials every little one needs. Of course, there are […]

Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy


Many newly pregnant moms stop exercising as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Unless your health care provider has specifically said you should refrain from all activity, there are exercises you can do safely during your pregnancy. Yoga is one of the forms of exercising that is safe to do while pregnant. There […]

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