10 Easy and inexpensive ways to develop your child’s fine motor skills


There are a number of easy and inexpensive ways to help your child develop and build fine motor skills. Many developmental toys and programs aim to improve fine motor skills. These can be expensive though, as well as overwhelming, and many parents are worried that they are not giving their little ones the stimulation they […]

independent toddler

11 Reasons Parenting Gets Easier


Kids are a blessing, really! There are moments filled with joy, pride and bliss. But let’s be honest here, parenting is not without challenges. Gone are the days of amazing sleep, small responsibilities, doing things last minute or without planning. Parenting has been a humbling experience, to say the very least. At the same time, […]

An expectant dad’s guide to pregnancy


You’re becoming a dad While you may be constantly present and involved, the 9 months of pregnancy really are all about the mother. Many dads feel helpless and unsure of how to support their partner. You may also be having your own emotions around impending fatherhood – the responsibility of a baby, the financial implications, […]

Baby on her first birthday

10 things that your baby does not need at his first birthday


One whole year, a full trip around the sun!! Your little one’s first birthday is around the corner and you are feeling all the feels. You are probably also feeling a little overwhelmed with party-planning, gift giving, cake smash planning and Pinterest boards full of inspiration. 10 Things your baby does not need on their […]

BabyWombWorld Team

The BabyWombWorld Story – About Us!


Why did a mechanical engineer start a company providing baby and parenting products? You won’t be the first to ask! When our son Philip was born in 2013, we got thrown head-first into the jungle that is parenting. You have certainly seen enough friends and family members embark on this journey, and yet you are […]

Breastfeeding whilst working – why all the hassle?


There are no questions about it. Working and breastfeeding is more difficult than staying at home and breastfeeding or than working and formula feeding. For those who choose this option, hard work and effort await. Perhaps this is why so many mothers don’t even attempt to continue breastfeeding when going back to work. In my […]

How to make your baby’s birthday extra special


The first fact about the celebration of birthdays is that it is a good way of affirming defiantly, and even flamboyantly, that it is a good thing to be alive. ~G.K. Chesterton Who doesn’t love their birthday? It is such a fun day that is dedicated just to you. When you have a child birthdays […]

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