breastfeeding baby

Common breastfeeding myths that need busting


Whether you ask for it or not, breastfeeding advice is bound to come your way at some point during your pregnancy or breastfeeding journey. Some advice will come from professionals,  from those around you, and even from random strangers in the supermarket queue who simply feel the need to comment on something that is actually […]

What do I need for my newborn baby – free checklist


Preparing for the arrival of your newborn With literally thousands of baby products available in stores and online, you’ll find yourself asking “what exactly do I need for my newborn baby?” In truth- you don’t need a lot for your newborn. However, there are a few essentials every little one needs. Of course, there are […]

Babyshower gift ideas

5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas Every New Mom Needs


Baby Shower Gift Basics There are a few things a new mom can never have enough of- nappies, wet wipes, burp cloths, etc. And while these may be practical gifts, we have put together a list of meaningful and useful gifts you might not have thought of. And if you need more inspiration, do have […]

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