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Common breastfeeding myths that need busting


Whether you ask for it or not, breastfeeding advice is bound to come your way at some point during your pregnancy or breastfeeding journey. Some advice will come from professionals,  from those around you, and even from random strangers in the supermarket queue who simply feel the need to comment on something that is actually […]

Breastfeeding whilst working – why all the hassle?


There are no questions about it. Working and breastfeeding is more difficult than staying at home and breastfeeding or than working and formula feeding. For those who choose this option, hard work and effort await. Perhaps this is why so many mothers don’t even attempt to continue breastfeeding when going back to work. In my […]

How to make breastfeeding work when you return to work.


Returning to work after maternity leave does not mean you have to stop breastfeeding. It is possible to continue feeding your baby while you are at work. As your baby gets older their feeds get less which does make the transition a little bit easier. It does require some planning, but you can successfully breastfeed […]

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