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As a first-time mom, starting solid food was one of the most daunting ideas of parenting. I often asked myself when can I start feeding my baby solids, what will I feed her and most stressful of all, how to prepare the food to make sure she doesn’t choke. I felt overwhelmed with everything I would need to make sure the solids are safe for baby and edible too. Thankfully, the BabyWombWorld Baby Food Processor Steamer Blender and Milk Bottle Warmer came to my rescue!

Suddenly, making healthy, homemade baby food was a lot easier than it sounded! This baby food processor is a great solution for making the process of cooking homemade food for your little one fast, simple and, dare I say it, fun.

About the BabyWombWorld Baby Food Processor

This food processor is more than just a baby food maker. It can blend, grind and steam any vegetable or meat of your choice, and makes it easy to cook and blend healthy and homemade baby food in minutes with it’s user-friendly touch-screen control. It also gets bonus points because it doubles as a sterilizer and bottle warmer too!

What I love the most about it is that I can make fresh and healthy food at the touch of a button! And the clean-up afterwards is a real breeze too. The stirring cup is dishwasher safe!

It was extremely important for me to know exactly what I am feeding my baby. I wanted all the nutrients and vitamins to stay in the food and I wanted the solids to be tasty too. Making food that tasted great is a big priority for me.

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While this exciting milestone can be daunting too, I loved not having extra pots and pans and steamers, etc to deal with! Using the baby food processor, I could experiment in the kitchen without making a big mess.

When I first started solids with my baby, I loved experimenting with different flavours and textures and I loved that she loved the food too! The mess didn’t bother me either, because I knew there wasn’t a mess in the kitchen to clean up later.

I understood that when I started solids with my baby, I was laying the foundation for their eating habits for the rest of their lives and therefore I wanted to introduce her to as many different foods as possible. I encouraged her to enjoy herself while trying new foods, even if a good portion of them ends up on her bib, the tray or the floor. It’s all part of the fun and learning to take her taste buds to the next level.

The recipes were plain and simple, but equally delicious.

Two of my favourites were:

Cinnamon butternut squash

What you need:

250g butternut chunks (butternut offers a good supply of vitamin A, potassium and fiber)

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon

1 medium-sized banana chopped

How to do it:

Simply put all the food in the BabyWombWorld baby food processor, tap the “steam” button, blend and serve!

Later on, I added mince that I cooked with onions and garlic for a deliciously nutritious meal!

Another favourite recipe was what I call my green machine puree!

What you need:

Handful of spinach

250g grated baby marrows

1 gem squash

250g peas

250g broccoli

1 small onion, chopped

250ml chicken stock (I make my own chicken stock with no added salt)

Garlic to baby’s taste

How to do it:

Simply put all the food in the BabyWombWorld baby food processor, tap the “steam” button, blend and serve! This recipe also freezes well and makes for a delicious side to any meat.

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