Stacking Train


Stacking Train


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  • All aboard and time for exciting learning and playtime! Build your very own block train and stack the 23 vibrantly coloured, funky blocks, however you want, on the engine and two train cars by simply sliding the blocks onto the helpful guide.
  • Holes in the multi-shaped blocks allow kids to stack them in various ways on wooden dowels built into the three train cars. Every block is totally interchangeable and will kick start their imagination to stack up the train differently each & every time… then chug away with a toot-toot!
  • Your little one can couple and uncouple the cars as they can be linked together or played with individually, push and pull the trains, take it all apart and build again!
  • Playing with this versatile train set will foster coordination, imagination and creative thinking in your child as well as honing in on gross, fine motor, problem-solving and developmental skills.
  • Colour and shape recognition will develop rapidly as well as hand-eye coordination.
  • The stacking train combines block play with your toddler’s love of trains and anything that is thoroughly engaging and will promote and stimulate your little ones creativity as well as both cooperative group and independent play.
  • This sturdy stacking train is crafted beautifully and classically designed to remain a favourite in your child’s collection of toys, for years to come!
  • The blocks are smoothly sanded and vibrantly painted with non-toxic paints.


Size: 38 x 75 x 95 cm (14.96 x 2.95 x 3.74 inches)



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