Diaper Champ One Nappy Bin – Silver


Diaper Champ One Nappy Bin – Silver


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Diaper Champ One is the odorless Nappy Bin in which you can dispose or temporarily store used diapers. It works both for disposable and reusable diapers. Quick and Safe!


The Diaper Champ storage system is sealed airtight. The unique seal and piston design keep unpleasant odors contained in a normal plastic bag. Now you can keep the nappy bin in your baby’s room without having to encounter unpleasant smells!


One-handed control! You only need one hand to use the diaper Champ, allowing you to always have the other hand free to hold onto your Baby. This aspect makes the Diaper Champ a very safe product that is recommended by crèches, nurseries, midwives and health professionals.


Compared to other disposal systems the Diaper Champ One is extremely economical. The Diaper Champ uses normal plastic grocery bags instead of expensive disposal cassettes. You can therefore save up to R4,000 over the lifetime of using this bin compared to others!


Used diapers can easily be separated from normal household trash and presented for recycling purposes. The Diaper Champ is suitable for both disposable and re-usable (cotton) diapers.

You Will Save Money!

The calculator below shows how much money you will save over 3 years if you dispose on average 6 nappies per day. It is also assumed that the average diaper Cassette refill price is R 100.

You can try the savings calculator yourself by clicking on the following link: SAVINGS CALCULATOR


  • Capacity: Approximately 40 diapers (Newborn)
  • Can be used to store resuable nappies
  • Takes regular plastic grocery bags – no need to buy cartridges
  • One-handed-use



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