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The BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller was designed specifically for moms! Once your baby is old enough to sit in stroller you will be travelling a lot more and then as a mom you most probably want a stroller that is lightweight and very easy to fold up and down. And that is exactly what the BabyWombWorld Compact stroller is! A stroller that so simple and easy to use and to take with you wherever you wan to go. No need to struggle with something big! Neither do you have to buy a new car! The BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller is all you need until you child is old enough to walk.

What makes the BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller Unique?

  • For Moms – Easy and practical for moms to use. Especially for daily routines like going to shops.
  • Easy for Travel – Lightweight stroller that folds up and down in seconds. Small, compact and can be wheeled around.
  • Stylish – Superior Finishes with leather handles
  • Reliable and Robust – Manufactured to EN1888:2012 standards. Aluminium frame with internal suspension system.
  • Fantastic Features – Apart from the fact that the stroller is small an compact, it comes with a variety of features. You baby can sit up straight or lay down 100%. Comes with a cup holder and with sizable pockets and storage areas.


We live in a world that is becoming faster by the day. And we don’t want to struggle daily. The one essential item that every parent will buy is a quality baby stroller. But this is also one of the most difficult tasks as there are so many choices. The BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller was developed specifically for moms. We tend to forget that the mother will be using the stroller most of the time and that is why you want a baby stroller that is practical, small and light weight. If you put these 3 essential criteria’s together you end up with the BabyWombWorld compact travel stroller.


  • 5-point harness
  • Leather Handles
  • Back Storage Pocket
  • Canopy with window
  • Large storage basket
  • Integral suspension on all 4 wheels
  • Single action brake on the foot
  • Detachable front and rear wheels
  • Carry handle on Stroller
  • Cup Holder Included
  • Detachable Bumper Guard (with leather handles), can be opened



The BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller was manufactured in accordance with the current European safety requirements and quality standards and complies to the European standard EN1888 : 2012.



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