Balance Bike


Balance Bike


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  • The most innovative Balance Bike for training your youngster to ride their first bike before they are old enough to take things on the highways and byways!!
  • Lightweight with a precision crafted wooden frame, chunky wheels that require no tubes and and an adjustable seat height. Being lightweight, it is easy to carry around and will not hurt your child if they happen to topple over! The wheels are quiet so perfect for riding inside if space allows it!
  • A totally unique, funky first bike that has charm and grace and that will have your toddler begging to ride constantly!


Size: 85 x 36,5 x 54,5 cm (33,46 x 14,37 x 21,46 inches)
Weight: 12,6 kg (27.8 Pounds)
Made from a combination of Teawood and Plywood
Painted brightly with non-toxic paint



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