BabyWombWorld Portable Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump


BabyWombWorld Portable Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump


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Why you need a breast pump?
Expressing breast milk enables you to continue offering your baby all the advantages of breastfeeding, even when you are not together. There are many reasons why mothers need to express. For some it is simply a matter of convenience, or to enable them to occasionally leave baby for a shopping trip or an evening out. But for mothers who need to go back to work or have a baby unable to latch and drink expressing is a crucial part of continuing their breastfeeding journey. For premature babies breastfeeding is a life-saving necessity. Your expressing success to a large extend depends on your breast pump. If you need to do some serious expressing and want to do it in style, the BabyWombWorld’s Portable Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump is just what you need!

What makes the BabyWombWorld Breast Pump so unique?
The very first thing everyone comments on when looking at the BabyWombWorld Portable Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump is what a beautiful and stylish pump it is. But its goodness does not stop there. This pump has a variety of settings that few others can match. It allows mothers to control both the speed of pumping and the vacuum strength, as opposed to most pumps that automatically loses speed when pumping at stronger settings. It also features BabyWombWorld’s signature 3-D suction flanges, that gently squeeze and massage the nipple instead of just pulling it into the flange. Not only does this increase milk volumes, but it typically feels a lot softer on mom’s nipple. With add-ons like a night light and an alarm setting to remind you that your next pumping session is due, this pump is an ideal choice for mothers who need to express frequently.

Fantastic features

  • 3D SUCTION TECHNOLOGY– The stand-out feature of BabyWombWorld’s breast pumps is the 3-D pump set. The funnels of our soft silicone flanges shape themselves around the nipples and areolas, and collapse during suction to gently massage and squeeze the nipple instead of just pulling it in.
  • 2-PHASE EXPRESSING – The pump offers two expressing phases. In stimulation mode it starts off with a short, quick sucking rhythm to help trigger a let-down reflex and get milk flowing. Stimulation mode offers expressing at 70 cycles per minute, with 8 suction levels to choose from. Expressing mode offers 5 speed settings (ranging from 38 to 54 cycles per minute) and 12 vacuum levels.
  • ADVANCED TOUCH PANEL TECHNOLOGY– A digital screen beautifully displays information such as the setting (stimulation and expressing), speed, vacuum strength and usage time.
  • MEMORY FUNCTION – Save your preferred settings to automatically start when switching on the pump.
  • BUILD-IN LITHIUM BATTERY– Simply plug it in to charge, and then express wherever you are without needing to worry over a plug-point or batteries.
  • NIGHT LIGHT – Makes night-time expressing just a bit easier.
  • TIMER – keep track of the length of your expressing sessions. You can also set the timer to remind you when a session is due.
  • COMPACT AND EASY TO MANAGE – Pumping comes with lots of paraphernalia. This pump has a handle that makes it easy to carry around, even when your hands are full.
  • AN ON/OFF SWITCH – It may sound silly, but this is a feature very few pumps have. You can switch the pump off at a central switch to prevent it from accidentally switching on when something presses against it in your bag, draining your battery and leaving you powerless.


The Specs:

  • Power Input: 100-240V50/60Hz
  • Power Output: DC 10V 1.5A
  • Power Rating: 15W
  • Stimulation Speed: 100T/min
  • Expression Speed: 26-60T/min
  • Li-ion battery: 7.4V 1800mAh
  • Timer: 30 minutes
  • Overall Noise: 60dB(A)
  • Has been CE, REACH, ROHS approval


What’s in the box:

1 x Pump Unit
2 x Bottle Stand
2 x Wide Neck Bottle with Silicone Breast Shield
2 x Diaphragm
1 x Power Adapter
2 x Tubing with connectors
2 x Bottle Adapter
2 x Nipples
2 x Disc Collar
2 x Bottle Lid
1 x Manual

Do I need to Service my Pump?

No. This pump is a sealed unit and there are no parts that need servicing. If you look after the actual pump unit carefully and make sure it doesn’t get exposed to liquids like water, you should not experience any problems with you pump.

With regards to the bottles and flanges, BabyWombWorld does stock the main parts in case you need to replace them over time.

How do I clean my pump?

You will find detail instructions of how to clean your pump in the manual that came along with the pump set. If you have lost the manual, you can download the manual from the BabyWombWorld website.

What size flanges come with the pump?

The pump comes standard with 21mm flanges. But if you need bigger flanges you can buy them separately. We stock 25mm and 29mm flanges.

Does this pump have its own battery?

Yes. The BabyWombWorld Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

My pump only works when it is plugged in. The battery does not seem to work.

When you look underneath the pump you will see a small black switch. In order for the pump to work on battery power, you need to move this switch to the ON position. If it still does not work, please send us an email as there may be another problem.

How long should the battery last?

When fully charged the battery should last a minimum of 2 hours pumping. We do recommend that you charge your pump overnight to make sure the pump is fully charged.

Does this pump have a Nappi Code?

Not yet, we will update our website as soon as it has one.

Is the pump BPA free?


Does the milk go through the tubing?

No, it does not. The BabyWombWorld is a closed-loop pump which means it prevents milk from going into the tubing from the flanges.

Can I use it as a single breast pump?

Yes. The BabyWombWorld Deluxe Breast Pump has an advanced digital touch panel. With the controls, you have several choices as to how you want to use the pump. You can choose to only have one side working and with this dual pump you can select the suctions strengths independently. For example, you can have the right side on a level 6 and the left side on a level 3.

Do you need a hands-free bra to use this pump?

You can hold it by yourself but will definitely recommend buying a hands-free bra. Will make pumping so much more pleasant.

What does the error E3 mean?

It could mean the following:

  1. Operating conditions is out of 5-40℃ range
  2. Lithium battery or PCB fail

First, reset the pump unit, if the error is gone, then it was a false error and there is nothing wrong with the pump. If however, it continues please contact us on email.


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