Baby Night Light Pink


Baby Night Light Pink



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BabyWombWorld’s night light will softly illuminate your nursery, baby or child’s room in a gentle glow that is not so bright that it prevents sleep instead! Our modern, practical and functional night light creates a dreamlike atmosphere where your child will feel safe and comforted until they drift off into a deep sleep and give you, the parent, the much needed rest you need too!

Comforting and checking on your precious baby and ensuring everything is as it should be or midnight diaper changes and feeding, is far easier with our night lights soft, soothing illumination. It also makes returning to sleep, for both baby and yourself, far easier!

Due to the nightlights soft glow, if your baby awakens, he will not necessarily always cry but start to notice and learn more about his surroundings instead, such as an overhead mobile or teddies. This will therefore increase his curiosity, keeping him quietly entertained and self-soothed as well as strengthening his visual sight!

The benefits of a night light far outweigh conventional ceiling lights – they won’t light up the room with the brightness of a thousand stars and at the same time, save you money on your electricity bill! BabyWombWorld’s night light is portable, can sit anywhere in the room, runs off batteries and need not be plugged into power.


  • Power Generation – Touch sensor LED night light
  • Safety – Soft ABS, silicone material and built-in light induction
  • Design – Unique and tumbler LED design
  • Top quality – Service life 5000h
  • Powered by DC – USB 5V (micro USB cable included) or 3 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included)
  • Power – Max 1W
  • Dimensions – 75mm x 200mm
  • Weight – 126g


Instructions must be carefully adhered to. Stop using immediately if any of the following occurs:

  • Any liquid, including rain or any splashes occurs inside the product, damaging the electric components
  • If the lamp has an abnormal odour, the LED is flashing erratically or the power supply cord is damaged
  • Any objects fall inside the lamp and cannot be removed
  • The outer shell is broken


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