70 Piece Classic Wooden Train Set


70 Piece Classic Wooden Train Set


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  • No childhood is complete without a classic wooden train set, they’ve been loved by generations of children, and will be by many generations to come. This iconic figure of eight track comes with a three part train and all the accessories to start your little one off on their adventures.
  • Perfectly & beautifully crafted so that the pieces fit easily together. Made from durable, sustainable wood with evident quality.
  • Includes a 3 part train, scenery, railway crossing, suspension bridge and elevated track for endless hours of entertainment!
  • Develop your little one’s imagination as they play and build a whole story, using the train, figurines and scenery!


Durable, sustainable wood.
Perfectly suited to 2 years
Great size: 110 x 67 x 20 cm (43,31 x 26,38 x 7,87 inches)
Quality material and therefore extremely hard wearing. No brittle plastic
Magnetic links are used to join the train carriages



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