When Last Did You Go On a Picnic?

Last week Wednesday I decided it was time for our family and friends to go on a picnic on Human Rights Day.

I still remember going on regular Sunday picnics as a young boy. We went to a few places around the East Rand, Johannesburg and Pretoria. My sister and I loved it! I think most kids love being outdoors and having lots of space. We played games with tennis balls, croquet, rounders, board games and of course, there was always a “braai”. Picnics were the best!

In 25 years’ time, things have changed and I am wondering how many families still make the time to go out on a picnic? When last did you have a picnic with your kids?

The first question most of you will probably ask is where can one go on a picnic? I don’t believe there are as many places as 25 years ago, but there are still some wonderful spots.

I decided to take my family and our friends to a place called “Klein Paradys”. Klein Paradys is about 20km past Brits on the R511 road. It is a caravan park with some lovely swimming pools (cold, hot and in between), super tubes and play parks, putt-putt, and many more activities. If the weather is good, this is a fantastic picnic spot as they do allow day visitors. At one point early last week I did not think we were going because of the rain, but in the end, it turned out to be a fabulous day.

My kids love having picnics there. I think the combination of space, green grass, swimming pools, friends, and snacks makes this an almost guaranteed winner! One of Phillip’s best friends Korne came along and as soon as we arrived, they had their swimming suits on and the fun immediately started. The two 4-year olds were in and out the swimming pool, running around playing, laughing and imagining.  Korne’s dad and I had to act a bit younger as they both wanted to go down the super tubes again and again and again.

Our 2-year old daughter, Lana, also loved the freedom, space and the undivided attention from mom and dad. She was in and out of the swimming pool, played with the two boys on the play gym and went down the super tube with me. Take note, we only did this once as she did not like the splash into the pool.

And through all the playing and having fun, the mothers had a chance to just sit, relax and read a magazine while the dads were entertaining.

We left Klein Paradys around 13:30 and within 5 minutes both my kids were fast asleep in their car seats. It was no surprise as they were both exhausted. Driving back, I realized a few things I want to share with you:

  • Our kids value and love it when we as parents spend time with them and we give them undivided attention. We live in a fast-paced world and we must make time for our kids and for ourselves.
  • I also realized that although we spend a lot of time with our kids at home, our homes draw us into housework as there will always be something to do at home. As parents, we also need to get out and away with our kids. And by having a picnic you force yourself to do nothing. I think as a society we have forgotten how it feels to do nothing on a regular basis. (I will be sharing with you more about this in the future)
  • We live in a beautiful country with amazing weather! Do we realize and appreciate our country and weather?
  • And although we as parents sometimes want to lose our minds because of our kids, spending quality time with our kids is invaluable! They need us, and we need them!

That is all from me for this week! I hope you have a fantastic week and with the long weekend ahead, hope all of you will be spending some quality time with your kids!

Until next week!




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