Picky eater be gone!!

Marita from Tummies Full of Love preparing some healthy vegetables for a toddler or baby meal.

Goodbye picky eater, hello happy mom

Picky eating happens in the blink of an eye- one day, your baby is happily gobbling up any food you offer, and the next, they pull up their noses and CRINGE at the sight of that sweet potato they used to love.

Laying down the foundation for healthy eating habits starts when introducing solids. The more effort you put into this phase, the easier it will be to maintain healthy habits later in your child’s life. The goal here is to build a positive relationship with food- hoping to avoid the “picky eater” phase all together.

We know when it comes to toddlers it can become a sticky, picky, trying and crying situation. 

Picky eating sometimes start out as refusing foods they have been eating for the first year and all of a sudden they pinch their lips and turn their heads away for food they loved as babies.

Why do kids become picky eaters?

From around 12-16 months your toddler start to realise; “I am my own person. I can do what I want.” Suddenly, they feel empowered and ready to use this new found skill- enter THE PICKY EATER!

How to get back to a healthy food relationship?

Marita, our industry expert from Tummies Full of Love shares her approach to picky eating:

I am a firm believer in not settling for a tub of yogurt or noodles if my kids decided they are not eating. I explained to them, even at such a young age, that we will try again later. Around 20-30 minutes after their initial refusal, I serve that meal again. Within a week or so, they realise that this is not a battleground and give up the fight.

I never force my kids to eat, but it’s important to be consistent, I am, after all the parent and a picky eater won’t get me down.

Your one year old might have strong feelings about the meals you offer, so give them options! Yes, you can give options, but even when giving options, give them on your terms. They must be healthy and add nutritional value to your kids’ daily intake.

Stay away from foods that don’t add vitamins and nutrition, that merely add empty calories to your child’s diet. 

These type of foods or beverages include:

  • Cooldrinks
  • Sweets
  • Cookies
  • High GI foods, like muffins, flap jacks and white bread.
  • Processed foods like nuggets, viennas and processed cheeses.

We do encourage parents to serve healthy meals. It is NEVER to late!

Some proven methods that will help get them to eat those healthy meals: 

  • Get your kids involved in the kitchen
  • Let them help prepare meals and have snack bites available for them to try. 

Rewards to get you Picky Eater Excited about food again.

Tummies full of love and BabyWombWorld are passionate about moms and dads and making your life as easy as possible when raising your children. 

We have designed this handy little rewards chart- perfect to get your picky eaters excited about mealtime! Grab yours FREE when you order your BabyWombWorld Food Processor today!

This reward chart is designed to encourage toddlers to try and taste a variety of foods. If there is one thing we know, it is that, if we set the example and get them involved in creating healthy eating habits, they will eventually make those habits a lifestyle. 

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