We feel so overwhelmed!

The BabyWombWorld team spent most of the month of May first preparing for and then manning our stand at yet another MamaMagic Baby Expo at the Dome. This was our 4th expo and the long hours and hard work all dimmed in the light of the pleasure to witness the excitement of so many new parents and grandparents, and to hear more about their thoughts and feelings and about what brought them to the Expo.

One phrase definitely featured again and again: “We feel so overwhelmed by all we have to buy and by so many products to choose from.”

I can see in them so clearly my wife and I five years ago, before we had our first baby. With so much information and so many different products available it is no wonder that pregnant couples feel overwhelmed once they have processed the fantastic news that their lives are going to change in 9 months’ time. These feelings are further fueled by peer pressure and others’ opinions on social media.

It is also very interesting to see how different couples go about this lengthy process of prepping for the upcoming change. Many bring along their own parents or friends with small children to provide advice and direction. Others have done their homework already and arrive at the expo armed with lengthy lists of items to buy. Lastly you have those who haven’t yet got a clue on what to expect now that they are expecting, and who see the expo as an opportunity to learn and prepare.

Parenting Made Easier| BabyWombWorldThere are no rights and wrongs and all parents should find the options best suited to their needs. However, as a father of two children and the owner of a brand selling baby products I believe that most parents end up buying expensive products that they don’t really need. Many do not have an unbiased list to give them guidance on what they really will need for their baby.

My mission when starting BabyWombWorld was to help make parenting easier and in that way make a positive contribution to people’s lives. I would like to share a bit more about my intentions and motivations. We live in a world that is constantly evolving to be faster and more complex. One would think that parenting would get easier, given the variety of products and the abundance of information available literally at your fingertips. I think all parents will agree that this is not the case, that in many ways it just gets more daunting and confusion.

Our mission with BabyWombWorld is two-fold:

Products to ease your path

When starting our brand 3 years ago the very first product available was the BabyWombWorld Ring Sling. I chose a sling as I can honestly say that when our son Philip was a baby our ring sling was a life-saver. It provided us with a way to calm him down whenever he got cranky, a tool to free our hands to get some things done around the house and of course a method to keep him close and safe when we were out and about. Since then each and every product on BabyWombWorld was designed, sourced and launched with a very specific purpose. In the months to come I will be sharing more information about our products and the stories behind them.

Apart from our products truly fulfilling specific needs, we also aim to offer them at affordable prices. We often get asked why our prices are so good. My standard reply is that they are asking the wrong question – the question should be why are the other brands so expensive?Parenting Made Easier| BabyWombWorld

At BabyWombWorld this mission will remain the focus of what we do – provide high quality products to fulfill specific needs at prices affordable to the parents who need them.

Reliable content to help you cope with pregnancy, birth and parenting

When searching for true solutions to parenting problems you will have the best results if you pair the right product with good information and support.  Hand-in-hand with great quality products, BabyWombWorld also strive to include content and information to assist our clients with the different challenges of pregnancy and parenting.

In order to do so we are in the process of strategically partnering with both other parents and experts to provide information from their different perspectives. We believe that very few parenting issues have one-size-fits-all solutions. The information provided on our site will also aim to provide parents with all the information and different perspectives on the topic so that they can make informed decisions and find what works for them. We have fantastic things in store so keep an eye on all our blogs to make sure you don’t miss out.

Another exciting announcement is that we have recently partnered with BabyCalm. BabyCalm was created about 7 years ago by a mom that had questions for which she could not get answers. BabyCalm has since then build an impressive and ever-expanding library of articles and tips that parents can utilize free of charge. BabyCalm also facilitates a Practitioner Directory to help you find a practitioner to assist you in your area. We believe that this partnership is another avenue through which we can make a positive difference in the lives of parents in our country.


So to get back to those parents who are currently scratching their heads and wondering how to go about this mammoth task of getting all they need for their babies without depleting their retirement funds. My advice is to buy as little as possible, and to rather keep some money in the bank. Once baby is there you will soon realise what you actually need, and you can buy things as you go along.

Because so many of our clients asked us for a list, we have asked input from the parents and experts in our team and compiled an objective master list of things that you will need for your birth, your hospital stay and for the first months of your child’s life. Apart from listing items we also provide information on why you need it, and further divide it into must-haves and nice-to-haves.  In the weeks to come we will be going into more detail into some of these items to give you even a more complete view of why, what and where.

And if you ever have a question for which you can’t find an answer, whether product related or not, please send us an email or a message through our social media channels. We will do our best to help!

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Heinrich started the BabyWombWorld brand in 2015 after the birth of his son Phillip. He is a qualified mechanical engineer but has that his true passion lies in helping parents. Through his experience, working with experts in the field and by providing quality products to new parents he hopes to help make your life as a parent a bit easier!

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