BabyWombWorld rebrands the popular Horigen Double Electric Breast Pump

Last year, BabyWombWorld launched the Horigen Double Electric Breast Pump to the South African market with great success – today, the baby experts are celebrating after launching a new and improved Double Electric Breast Pump, rebranded under the BabyWombWorld name.

Now known as the BabyWombWorld Chicture Double Electric Breast Pump, this innovative product is comfortable and mimics baby’s natural feeding pattern to provide efficient expression.

Suitable for parents with premature babies who rely on the vital nutrients of their mother’s milk, working mothers who need to return to the workplace and women who are having problems with milk production, the BabyWombWorld Chicture Double Electric Breast Pump not only stimulates the ongoing production of breast milk, but allows mum to build up a precious stock of milk to feed her baby in the way nature intended.

Featuring 3D suction technology with soft silicone flanges and tunnels that fit the nipple and aureole with gentle pressure, the pump works on automatic control two-phase expression. It starts off with a short, quick sucking rhythm until the milk starts to flow then changes to a slow rhythm to express the milk after two minutes. A built-in lithium battery mean there’s no need for an external power source.

The updated BabyWombWorld Chicture Double Electric Breast Pump is already receiving rave reviews from mothers wowed by its thoughtful, innovative features and reliability at such a crucial time in their life.

BabyWombWord’s carefully considered product developments have been wholly designed to enhance comfort and efficiency. The overhauled kit has been a real hit with mothers who want to provide the best start for their newborns by feeding them with breast milk.

BabyWombWorld officially re-launched the new and improved breast feeding aid at the BabyWombWorld Breakfast for Moms on the 19th October 2018.

Heinrich Nell, owner of BabyWombWorld said “We’re absolutely delighted to have made several improvements to what has already proven to be a very popular product to help mothers express milk with ease.”

“Our reviews speak for themselves and the feedback we’ve received has been very encouraging as mothers have noted the comfort, efficiency, value for money and reliability of the BabyWombWorld Chicture Double Electric Breast Pump.”

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