Moms We Love – Danielle de Villiiers

Today, on Moms we Love, we chat to Danielle de Villiers. Danielle is enthusiastic about motherhood and a firm believer in each mom’s ability to best raise her child. Wife to cricket player AB de Villiers she also knows about the challenges that a partner’s busy work schedule brings in a household with small children.  Danielle shares some thoughts and feelings on listening to your instincts, enjoying the chaos children brings and the annoyances of unasked for advice.

Products that Danielle find especially helpful include BabyWombWorld’s hand-held nebuliser. She also sees the value of a good breastpump from an angle we often ignore, which is that it enables mom to express some milk, drop baby off and enjoy some well-deserved down-time, something each and every mom deserved and can benefit from.

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