How to make breastfeeding work when you return to work.

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Returning to work after maternity leave does not mean you have to stop breastfeeding. It is possible to continue feeding your baby while you are at work. As your baby gets older their feeds get less which does make the transition a little bit easier.

It does require some planning, but you can successfully breastfeed and still work away from home.

What are you going to need?

A good breast pumps. Electrical breast pumps are quicker than their manual counter parts, but they do require access to a power point. If you don’t have this at your office, consider a manual pump for they office.

Storage containers. If you start pumping regularly you will start building up a supply that you can freeze. There are a few brands who have containers specifically for this or alternatively you can use ice cube trays or small Tupperware’s.

Set up schedule

Feed before you leave. Get your baby to nurse before you leave for the office, even if it means that you must feed them while they are half asleep.

Pump at work. If possible, try to keep to your babies normal feeding schedule. This will help you build up a supply of milk and stimulate your milk production. Don’t let your breasts become too full. This will not only be painful but could lead to mastitis and other complications.

Nurse when you get home. As soon as you get home nurse again. Co-ordinate with your child care provider so they can try as far as possible to co-ordinate feeds to coincide with when you get home.

Build up a supply before you go back. Start building up a supply of breastmilk before you go to back to work. This will take the stress of from you if you aren’t able to pump regularly at work or while you get back into the routine.Breastfeeding at Work|BabyWombWorld


Keep up the healthy diet. If your days are busy, make sure you have a good breakfast and pack some snacks for during the day.  Smoothies are great ways to get in the nutrients you need quickly.

Drink lots of water.

Give your baby extra cuddles. The transition can be hard for both of you, allow time to adjust for both of you.

We would love to hear if you have any other tips to add?


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