In medicine, a nebulizer or nebuliser (see spelling differences) is a drug delivery advice that uses turns fluid solutions into small aerosol droplets that can be inhaled. Nebulizers are commonly used for the treatment of lung infections and wheezing, cystic fibrosis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory diseases or disorders. Nebulising is a really handy tool with which to treat respiratory problems in your little one, with the added benefit that the medication is not administered systemically, but gets delivered locally directly where it needs to be for optimum effect, with a smaller chance of baby having unnecessary side-effects.
Promise not to frighten your little one away

Nebulise without the noise

Traditional nebulisers were definitely not designed with children in mind. They are big and noisy and leave little ones terrified, making treatment traumatic and sometimes impossible. The BabyWombWorld Portable Mesh Nebuliser is the perfect solution to this standard problem. It works with batteries and is completely silent when operating.
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The Features

Medicine Container

The nebuliser uses a vibrating mesh to convert the medicine liquid into a fine mist. The medicine cup can take 6ml of liquid and can easily be removed for cleaning purposes.

Small and Compact

Most nebulisers are noisy, bulky and have to plug into a power socket. BabyWombWorld’s nebuliser is unique and different in that it is small, light and can be used wherever you are.

New Product Winner 2017

Each year the MamaMagic Baby Expo’s judging panel of experts and parents evaluates new baby products on the market. BabyWombWorld’s Portable Nebulizer was named as the overall winner for 2017! You can therefore be sure this is one of the best baby products you will find in South Africa!

Battery Operated

The nebuliser works with 2 x AA batteries. Although 2 batteries are included with your unit, we recommend inventing in good quality rechargeable batteries as the strength of the mist is a function of the battery power.

Portable Nebuliser

A must-have in every household

All children get respiratory infections from time to time, some more regularly than others. Nebulising is a valuable method of treating coughs, congestion and wheezing. A baby-friendly nebuliser is a tool that should be standard in any nursery. Be sure to be prepared, otherwise you may end up buying a product that you don’t really want in an emergency, and find yourself unable to really use it.

Portable Nebuliser

  • Mesh Technology
  • The lightest and quietest, handy design, compact, portable and light weight – allows operation in all directions
  • Fine particle 1-5um, direct inhalation to the lungs
  • Works with 2x AA batteries, low power consumption, silent operation, one-button operation system, tubeless and cordless operation
  • Delivers undiluted medications to shorten treatment time, delivers medication to the last drop to maximize benefit of treatment – convenient for inhalation anywhere , anytime
  • Please Note: This product is not suitable for oils. You may only use medication that specifically states it can be used in a Nebuliser (Fine particle 1-5um)

Don't Take Our Word For It! Here's What Our Customers Think

  • Len

    Excellent product and reasonably priced. It takes longer than my Omron MicroAir, but is more effective at using up all of the medication. Far easier to clean and I think the mesh may last longer, which was a problem with the MicroAiry.

  • Una

    Excellent! Silent and efficient. Should have bought it sooner.

  • Ansia

    Definitely one of the best nebulisers. It is silent and portable exactly what you need to neb a young child. It comes with batteries but I bought rechargeable AA batteries so no problems. I would recommend it in a heartbeat!

  • Samantha

    Very happy with this product! Wish I had ordered it sooner.


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