The BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller was designed specifically for moms! Once your baby is old enough to sit in stroller you will be travelling a lot more and then as a mom you most probably want a stroller that is lightweight and very easy to fold up and down. And that is exactly what the BabyWombWorld Compact stroller is! A stroller that so simple and easy to use and to take with you wherever you wan to go. No need to struggle with something big! Neither do you have to buy a new car! The BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller is all you need until you child is old enough to walk.
Small and Compact

Designed for Moms

We live in a world that is becoming faster by the day. And we don't want to struggle daily. The one essential item that every parent will buy is a quality baby stroller. But this is also one of the most difficult tasks as there are so many choices. The BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller was developed specifically for moms. We tend to forget that the mother will be using the stroller most of the time and that is why you want a baby stroller that is practical, small and light weight. If you put these 3 essential criteria’s together you end up with the BabyWombWorld compact travel stroller.
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The Features

A Rain Cover

The BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller is the ultimate travel stroller and therefore each stroller comes with a rain cover bag. Yes you can put the stroller in the bag and either wheel or carry it around.

Leather Handles

With the BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller we not only wanted to provide a practical travel stroller, but also a stylish one. The leather handles give the stroller an elegant look. The leather handles allow for easy cleaning and can be replaced.

Easy Access

One of the great features of the BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller is the front handle bar. It is styled with leather and with the press of a button you can now get your little one in and out of the stroller in not time!

Brake System

The brake system is easily operated by foot to make sure your pram does not run away. The indicator will show you straight away whether the brake is engaged or not.

Easy Parenting

Fold Up and Down in 1-2-3

Watch this video.......... What more can we say?

BabyWombWorld Compact Stroller

  • 5-point harness
  • Leather Handles
  • Back Storage Pocket
  • Canopy with window
  • Large storage basket
  • Integral suspension on all 4 wheels
  • Single action brake on the foot
  • Detachable front and rear wheels
  • Carry handle on Stroller
  • Cup Holder Included
  • Detachable Bumper Guard (with leather handles), can be opened
  • Certified to EN1888:2012
  • Folded Dimensions 57 * 26 * 48 cm
  • Stroller Dimension 104 * 77 * 48 cm


Don't Take Our Word For It! Here's What Our Customers Think

  • KC

    This is a really convenient stroller. It has wheels when folded so you have the option to not just carry it on your shoulder like a bag but also to wheel it like a wheeled luggage. It fits well on cabin overhead bins. Can be folded and unfolded with one hand. When folding, you don't need to bend down and look for the catch like in other strollers. Just use the same button you use to open it.

  • Kolbe Lubbe

    After doing much research, I decided to get this stroller and it is indeed a good buy. I love the fact that it is easy to manoeuvre with one hand and folding it is a breeze. I also like it being not too bulky. I didn't use for travel but it has proven to be a lifesaver in terms of day to day bringing my 8 mth old baby commuting outside our place.

    Kolbe Lubbe
  • Val

    This is very compact stroller and the wheels are very smooth. Recommend for any new mom as this is by far the most practical stroller on the market!


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