Keeping your kids busy during the holidays

Who else is a little nervous about the upcoming holidays? Six weeks of no school means six weeks of trying to keep kids busy.

Water. If you aren’t on strict water restrictions, put your sprinkler on and let your kids run around in the water. You can also put a little bit of water in a tupperware or a bucket and let your little one play with it. Water provides hours of fun for toddlers and babies.

Building blocks. There is so much you can do with a good quality set of building blocks. If you have toddlers ask them to put all the blocks of the same colour in a pile, then to separate all the different shapes. Encourage them to see how big they can build their tower. Toddler holiday activities|BabyWombWorld

Go for walks. Get your toddler a balance bike and head out for a walk around your neighbourhood or to your park. If your baby is too small for a balance bike, pop them in your wrap or sling and go exploring.

Lego. Lego is one of the best toys to keep your child occupied. They don’t have to copy the book instructions, encourage them to use their imagination to make whatever they want to.

Toddler holiday activities|BabyWombWorld

Paint a picture. Get out the paints, throw down some newspaper and let the kids go wild. If you have some old pots, get your kids to decorate them, they could even make for nice gifts for grandparents. Try not to stress about the mess, generally the messier the kids get the more fun they are having.

Toddler holiday activities|BabyWombWorld

Board Games. There are so many age appropriate board games for toddlers that parents will enjoy as well. Even the simple games like snakes and ladders can be really fun for little ones to play. You could make it fun by splitting up into teams and playing a games tournament.

Do you have any games you would like to add to our list?

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