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The births of our two children changed everything for me – my perspectives, priorities, how I spend my time and money, and where I find my joy. In fact, my whole self-image changed. I was no longer just a man and a husband; I was a father, with responsibilities so massive that it sometimes left me sweating, and love in my heart that I would not have thought possible before I had children.

It inspired me to start BabyWombWorld, an initiative that I believe makes a positive difference in the lives of parents.

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Unrealistic expectations for mothers

Perhaps the biggest change of all was in my wife, Jandri. A baby encompasses a woman’s whole life in the first few years. And while having children is an amazing experience, there are also the less-than-amazing aspects of it that no one raves about on social media. I saw how she sometimes struggled with this and felt that she fell short of these unrealistic and untrue expectations that society sets for mothers.

What is ‘Moms We Love’?

From working with many mothers on a daily basis, I believe that this feeling is universal. When dealing with difficulties it really helps to have the support of others who is going or has gone through the same ordeals.

With this vision in mind, we would like to introduce ‘Moms We Love’, a platform where we give moms the opportunity to share in the experiences of other moms who are having the same challenges.

The purpose is not only for mothers to learn from each other, but also to help them realise that they are not alone. They are in fact pretty normal, and doing a pretty awesome job!

Keep an eye on our website for our monthly ‘Moms We Love’ interviews. And feel free to let us know if you have something you’d like to share – we would love to hear from you!

We will be posting all our Moms We Love video interviews on our dedicated Moms We Love YouTube Channel.

You can also scroll down for information snippets from our network of experts and professionals, bringing you in-a-nutshell solutions to some of the most common parenting problems.

Want to share your story on ‘Moms We Love’?

And if you are interested to be interviewed to share your story, please send us a mail on We will be in contact with you soon!



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