How to make your baby’s birthday extra special

The first fact about the celebration of birthdays is that it is a good way of affirming defiantly, and even flamboyantly, that it is a good thing to be alive. ~G.K. Chesterton

Who doesn’t love their birthday? It is such a fun day that is dedicated just to you. When you have a child birthdays take on a whole new meaning. You get to start your own traditions and make the day special for your little one. Birthday Party Celebrations | HarassedMom

  1. Wake them up with lots and lots of fanfare. Blow up a whole lot of balloons to cover the floor or blow them up with helium so they float to the ceiling. Kids love balloons, this will make the start to their day a good one.
  2. Let them eat cake in bed. We wake the kids up with a small cupcake and a candle that they can eat in bed for breakfast. It is a big deal in our house.
  3. Decorate their spot at the table with a funky place mat, some Happy Birthday sprinkles, leave it there for all meals for the day.
  4. Create a little magic and introduce the Birthday Bunny. He is like Santa, but he is responsible for birthday presents. You can do bunny prints and leave out carrots before your child goes to bed.
  5. Allow the birthday child to choose the meals for the day. They get to decide what the family eats for the entire day.Birthday Party Celebrations | HarassedMom
  6. Start a tradition. We go to Spur for every child’s birthday and they all get very excited for this, even the 13-year-old.
  7. Leave a little note in their lunch box with a special birthday wish.
  8. Let them decide on the day’s activities. If their birthday is on a weekend, let them decide on one activity they want to do.
  9. Buy them or make them a badge to wear that says it’s their birthday that they can wear for the day, so everyone knows it’s their birthday.
  10. Break a few rules. Let them stay up a little bit later or have an extra glass of juice.

There is so much you can do to make your child’s birthday memorable. Whatever you decide to do, if you go all out or keep it low key remember to always take photos.

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