How To Introduce Baby-led Weaning

Introducing solids no longer has to be a structured, follow the rules process. Baby-led weaning allows for a stress free, unstructured process that allows the baby to lead the way. Basically baby-lead weaning means that you allow your child to feed themselves from the very beginning.

It can sound a little daunting but it really can be the opposite because meal times will now be more about the experience of tasting and feeling the food than simply eating. The recommended age to introduce solids if you are going to follow baby-lead weaning is around 6 months because by this time, most babies are sitting up and are able to grab their food which means they can join the family at meal times.

Some of the benefits of baby-lead weaning are;

  • Your baby will skip the mush phase, which makes meal preparation a lot easier.
  • You can expose your child to a lot more foods.
  • Your baby will get to touch and taste a wide variety of different tastes.
  • They can eat with the rest of the family. Often baby is fed before or after the family, but with baby-lead weaning they can sit at the table with the family.

There are a few cons to baby-lead weaning though;

  • It is messy and there can be a lot of waste.
  • You aren’t really sure how much baby is eating.
  • It isn’t structured. You will still feed baby at meal times but there is no real guide as to what food you should start with, how much you should give or when you should move onto more. This can be a little disconcerting to a new mom, or a mom who likes to maintain control.

The best types of food to start introducing are foods that your baby can easily hold and won’t easily choke on like carrot sticks, broccoli, bananas, apple slices, cut up slices of meat – the list really is endless.  You can experiment with all types of foods; let your baby experience different tastes and textures. By following baby-lead weaning does not mean you can’t introduce foods like cereals or yoghurt, you can either feed them these types of foods or let them make a mess while they try to feed themselves. It is still important for your baby to eat these softer textures like porridge.

The beauty of baby-lead weaning is that there is no right or wrong way. You can experiment with your baby until you find a way that works for you both. This method can take a lot of stress and strain out of meal times and instead make it fun for your baby.

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