Consider these natural health alternatives for your baby!

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Perhaps you’ve never been drawn to the world of natural health before and perhaps you’ve been searching for natural health alternatives for your baby. While we know a few of these treatments can be pretty weird and are sometimes not backed by science and research.

But while conventional medicine is better understood, it can also be pretty scary. Try reading the package insert of even the most common medications used regularly by most people. The few bits that you actually understand are bound to also make you consider rather just leaving it and coping with whichever symptom you are trying to treat.

Having children is often the time when people start looking into natural treatment options as they do not wish to expose their babies to the possible side-effects of medication.

And the good news is that there are many natural health alternatives for your baby available that is not only safe and effective but actually backed by evidence as well. These can be used on their own, or in conjunction with conventional medication.

Before you start – remember that you should always rule out serious medical reasons for any symptom that your baby is experiencing. So, schedule a check-up with a GP or paediatrician to ensure that you are on the right road first before you try other alternatives on your own.

Try these natural health alternatives for your baby

  1. A chiropractor

The whole human body and all its functions are controlled by the nervous system. The spinal cord forms the pathway for nerves to and from the brain. Sometimes the bones (vertebra) in the spinal cord can be malaligned, which can put pressure on the nerves going to their different areas.

There are many reasons for this to happen. In babies, it is often linked to how baby was lying in the uterus, for example, if your baby was lying in a breech position (bum down) a malalignment is almost guaranteed. A caesarean section or an instrument delivery are other common causes.

Because of this baby may have pain and discomfort in certain positions and may cry a lot. Think what it feels like if you strained your neck muscles from lying wrong during your sleep – it can be excruciating. Depending on the area that is affected, baby may also have winds, cramps and reflux. If the nerves going to the mouth is affected it can lead to baby struggling with breastfeeding,

Most parents feel an improvement in symptoms after seeing a chiropractor. It is crucial to find someone that is comfortable working with babies, so speak to your clinic sister for a referral.

  1. Reflexology

Reflexology is a treatment method that works on the principle that certain pressure points on the feet, hands and ears are connected to certain organs and body systems. By massaging your baby’s feet you can treat specific symptoms like colic and cramps, a blocked nose and teething. Even if your baby is not having specific problems, a foot massage will be relaxing and will promote overall wellness. Most moms (and their babies) will benefit from seeing a qualified reflexologist for some guidance on how to treat her specific baby’s symptoms.

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  1. Aromatherapy

Essential oils are oils taken directly from plants.  Apart from being effective as a treatment option, essential oils is simply lovely to work with and are bound to bring joy to your day. It can be used in a burner in the room, added to massage oil or added to your bathwater. There are some oils that should not be used for babies, or together with certain medications. Keep an eye out for next week’s blog, which looks into essential oils in more details.

In the meantime, make sure that you have these three oils in your house:

  • Tea tree oil which can be used to treat insect bites and skin irritations – add a few drops to baby’s bathwater or to an ointment or body lotion.
  • Eucalyptus oil works wonders to clear a blocked nose – use with your humidifier.
  • Lavender oil can help to calm a crying baby – use in a burner or add to baby’s bathwater.
  1. Homeopathy

While many people are sceptical about homeopathy as one of the natural health alternatives for your baby, those who have used it will almost always have positive feedback. In short, homeopathic remedies are very diluted forms of the original herbs and substances that they are manufactured from.

The big advantage is that it doesn’t have side-effects. So worst-case scenario, if it didn’t work you wasted your money. This is also time to note that it is really important to know whether you are using a herbal or homeopathic remedy, as the herbal format may well have side-effects.

Homeopathic treatments are very specific and for more complicated health problems you should see a homeopath. But there are many over-the-counter remedies available as well. A good place to start is with the 12 homeopathic tissue salts. Keep the below tissue salts at hand:

  • Mag phos (number 8) – good for winds and cramps where baby pulls up his legs and has explosive burps and nappies.
  • Kali mur (number 5) – good for nasal congestion with thick, white mucous
  • Nat mur (number 9) – good for a runny nose with watery mucous
  • Ferrum phos (number 4) – this tissue salt is excellent for any form of inflammation, including a sore throat

We hope that these ideas get you thinking, and perhaps help you on route to a healthier family. Enjoy experimenting with these natural health alternatives for your baby!

Christine Klynhans is a midwife and lactation consultant with a firm believe that gentle parenting can change the world. She has worked in midwifery since competing her B.Cur nursing degree in 2004, and has a special passion for education and for writing. She currently works in a well-baby clinic and give antenatal classes and breastfeeding support. She enjoys working with parents of babies and toddlers, aiming to help them find gentle solutions to their parenting problems and assisting them in incorporating healthy habits and natural health alternatives into their daily lives.

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