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The Art of Baby Burping: Tips for Parents


In the symphony of parenthood, there are few sounds as satisfying as the gentle burp of a contented baby—a sign that their little tummy is happy and their discomfort has been eased. Yet, for many parents, mastering the art of baby burping can feel like a mysterious and elusive task. In this blog, we’ll demystify […]

The Benefits of Using a High Chair When Feeding Your Baby


Feeding time is a significant part of your baby’s day, and finding the right tools to make it a pleasant and effective experience is essential. One such tool is the high chair, a staple in households with young children. While it might seem like a simple piece of furniture, a high chair offers numerous benefits […]

The Power of Sleep: Why It’s Vital for Babies’ Development


In the tender years of infancy, a baby’s world revolves around eating, playing, cuddling, and, of course, sleeping. Among these essential activities, sleep plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal growth and development. As parents, understanding the significance of sleep for your little one is crucial. Let’s delve into why sleep is not just a […]

Here is how your baby will eat in their first year


Feeding a baby during the first year involves a transition from exclusive milk (breast milk or formula) to introducing solid foods. The feeding process plays a crucial role in a baby’s growth, development, and overall well-being. Here’s a general guide on how to feed a baby during the first year: 1. Newborn to 6 Months: […]

The REAL difference between a Single and Double Breast Pump?


People often ask how a mechanical engineer ended up with a company selling breast pumps? The funny truth is that my engineering background prompted this decision! My wife was expressing with a leading brand breast pump for our son Phillip, but was experiencing difficulties. I found the mechanics interesting and started wondering how those problems […]

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NAPPI Codes- claiming back from your medical aid.


A NAPPI code (National Pharmaceutical Product Interface) is a unique coding system (identifier) for medicines, surgical or consumable products, and medical procedures which allows you as the consumer to claim a rebate/refund from your medical aid. MediKredit has, over the years, facilitated the adoption of NAPPI codes as a national electronic standard on behalf of […]

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Free Printable Holiday Activity Book


Holiday activities making you feel a little on edge? The end of the year is upon us, crazy how time flies. For some parents, the upcoming school holidays seem daunting. We’ve created a free resource to keep your spirits up and your days full of joy. Download your Free  BWW Activity Book.   THE TODDLER […]

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Sleep and night feedings, what’s the deal?


How Nutrition effects Toddler Sleep  We don’t often relate bad eating to bad sleeping when it comes to toddlers(12 –36 months). It is considered a baby issue, yet it can have a major impact on toddlers. It can often lead to bad habits that are difficult to change. At Good Night we are SLEEP experts and […]

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