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To Co-Sleep or NOT, that is the question


Co-sleeping- some make the choice willingly, others en up doing it out of desperation!One of the most common questions my clients ask is when they need to move their babies out of their room and out of their cots. In a more hushed tone it sometimes follows, as if they’re sharing a dirty little secret: […]

Why Sleep training doesn’t work


WHY SLEEP TRAINING DOESN’T WORK?   Working in the baby/parenting industry I know that there are many topics that can cause a big debate.  Topics that can get parents talking, engaging and give passionate opinions on.  In the sleep space this is no different and even just the words ‘sleep training’ might send a shiver […]

newborn screening tests babywombworld

Have you considered these newborn screening tests?


A screening test is a test that aims to detect any potential health problems or diseases in someone who doesn’t have any signs or symptoms of the disease. Many diseases can be treated much more effectively if they are diagnosed early on. When your baby is born, a full physical check will be done by a […]

what can you do about unsolicited parenting advice babywombworld

What to do about unsolicited parenting advice


For some reason, when you are pregnant or have a new baby, people feel the need to give some parenting advice. Everyone from friends and family, to complete strangers in the mall are ready to give an opinion or to tell you how you should actually be doing it (as they did it and it […]