Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

Many newly pregnant moms stop exercising as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Unless your health care provider has specifically said you should refrain from all activity, there are exercises you can do safely during your pregnancy. Yoga is one of the forms of exercising that is safe to do while pregnant.

There are so many benefits not only staying active during pregnancy but particularly in starting yoga. Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy | BabyWombWorld

Yoga helps reduce stress. Most yoga classes have a time set aside to be quite and simple focus on your breathing. This is done to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Yoga strengthens. Yoga uses your entire body for almost all the poses, with the focus being on your core. This strength helps when you are pregnant and have to carry extra weight.

Yoga can lessen lower back pain and increase mobility. Your abdominal muscles will stretch by over 50% of their original length during pregnancy. Yoga helps to strengthen those muscles which in term helps to support the uterus and reduces pelvic pressure. Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy | BabyWombWorld

Yoga isn’t about ego! Yoga is about doing what your body can do and not about trying to keep up or do things that they are painful. Everyone in a yoga class is at different levels and there is no pressure to perform better than what you are comfortable with.

Yoga teaches you how to breathe. There is a lot of focus on breathing through the poses, each movement is done on an exhale or inhale. When you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed practice the breathing exercises and they will immediately helps to calm me down!

Even though yoga is safe to do during pregnancy,inform your yoga instructor  that you are pregnant and do not push yourself beyond what is comfortable. If you are unsure about starting yoga, confirm with your health care provider that you can do so.

Are you doing or have you done yoga while pregnant?

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Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy | BabyWombWorld

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