The REAL difference between a Single and Double Breast Pump?


People often ask how a mechanical engineer ended up with a company selling breast pumps? The funny truth is that my engineering background prompted this decision! My wife was expressing with a leading brand breast pump for our son Phillip, but was experiencing difficulties. I found the mechanics interesting and started wondering how those problems […]

Mom holding parenting book

Is over-parenting our biggest failure?


Over-parenting is a real part of our lives, wether we like it or not. I love being a father; it is partially the reason why I am in this business! I believe that we can change the world by how we raise our children. But as the father of two small children, I’ve come to […]

BabyWombWorld Team

The BabyWombWorld Story – About Us!


Why did a mechanical engineer start a company providing baby and parenting products? You won’t be the first to ask! When our son Philip was born in 2013, we got thrown head-first into the jungle that is parenting. You have certainly seen enough friends and family members embark on this journey, and yet you are […]

BabyWombWorld MamaMagic Product Awards

BabyWombWorld Shines at the MamaMagic Product Rewards


End of last year it was again the Joburg Summer MamaMagic Baby Expo, undoubtedly one of our favourite events of the year. Of course the other big reason we love MamaMagic is the MamaMagic Product Rewards. The MamaMagic New Product Rewards recognise and reward newly launched products in the pregnancy and parenting industry. Although hosting […]

Just A Mamma

Moms We Love – Mari-Louise from Just A Mamma blog


In this episode of Mom’s We Love, we talk to Mari-Louise Candiote, mother of three and SA’s best Mommy Blogger of 2019. Mari-Louise from Just A Mamma blog aims at always keeping it real and helpful, rather than just being one more source of worthless noise in a world that is already too busy. Whether […]

holiday must-haves BabyWombWorld

5 Holiday must-haves from BabyWombWorld


The year is drawing to an end, and excitement for the upcoming break is running high. Here in Gauteng the traffic has already lightened as schools are winding down. Through the end-of-year rush to get everything done, holiday happiness is in the air! With small children in the house a holiday is extra special, as […]

Good Night Baby Sleep Consultants

BabyWombWorld and Good Night Baby Collaboration


At BabyWombWorld our mission is to make your life as a parent that little bit easier, both through our innovative and extremely useful product range and through information and support. For the latter, we partner with various experts in the parenting arena, ensuring that you have help at hand. And is there a topic on […]

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