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Baby-boosting Ingredients in Breastmilk


Most mothers know that breast milk offers superior nutrition to their babies and that it can protect the baby from illness and disease. But the wonders of breast milk stretch far beyond these already amazing properties, and scientists are continuously discovering new components of breast milk that we didn’t know about previously. Let’s look at […]

How much crying is too much crying?


How do you know that your baby is crying too much? Some studies say that newborn babies can cry up to 2-3 hours every day. If you are a new parent, it can feel like a lot longer than this. This is especially true if you are struggling to console or calm your newborn. The […]

breastfeeding baby

Common breastfeeding myths that need busting


Whether you ask for it or not, breastfeeding advice is bound to come your way at some point during your pregnancy or breastfeeding journey. Some advice will come from professionals,  from those around you, and even from random strangers in the supermarket queue who simply feel the need to comment on something that is actually […]

How to boost your milk supply


Most women who stop breastfeeding do so because they feel they have a low milk supply. The idea of not being able to provide in the needs of this little baby they love so much is daunting. In the majority of these cases the mother actually had enough milk, but simply was not equipped to […]

BabyWombWorld Exclusive Pumping as alternative to breastfeeding

Exclusive pumping – another feeding alternative


The last few decades have brought a boom in the variety and quality of breastpumps and other feeding equipment available to nursing mothers. Together with the increasing information available on the value of breastmilk and on breastmilk storage, another feeding alternative has emerged and is growing in popularity – exclusive pumping. This basically means that […]

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Baby skincare – a new way of thinking


Everyone loves that new baby smell – that unique soft fragrance that makes you think of downy hair and petal soft skin. Unsurprisingly most baby shower gifts contain at least one skincare product. But in recent years the guidelines of how you should care for your baby’s skin have changed drastically. Skin rashes and irritations […]

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4 birth options in South Africa


When thinking about birth options you are probably thinking of vaginal birth versus caesarean section. These are the two ways in which a baby can be birthed. There are, however, 4 birth options in South Africa to consider(and yes, these differ around the world). You may or may not have a choice in which one […]

talking to your toddler about sex

Should you talk to your toddler about sex?


Should you talk to your toddler about sex?  Can’t help cringing, right? Not a part of parenting anyone looks forward to. And yet guidance on this topic will become one of your most important tasks. Parents tend to view sex education as one big talk that shares the basics, somewhere closer to the onset of […]

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Five tips to get your baby to sleep


Sleep deprivation is a recognized form of torture! Lack of sleep is probably most new parents’ biggest challenge. Many new parents have unrealistic goals pertaining to their babies’ sleep and routine. Small babies have shorter deep-sleep and longer REM or dream-sleep cycles than grown-ups. This is with good reason. Many believe that it helps to […]

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11 Reasons Parenting Gets Easier


Kids are a blessing, really! There are moments filled with joy, pride and bliss. But let’s be honest here, parenting is not without challenges. Gone are the days of amazing sleep, small responsibilities, doing things last minute or without planning. Parenting has been a humbling experience, to say the very least. At the same time, […]

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