Mom holding sick baby with fever

What to do when your baby has a fever


Nothing can fully describe the feeling of dread and panic that you feel the first time your baby has a fever. Unfortunately, although it may be a first for you, it’s most certainly not going to be the last. No child is going to grow up without ever getting sick. As much as parents fear fevers, […]

What do I need for my newborn baby – free checklist


Preparing for the arrival of your newborn With literally thousands of baby products available in stores and online, you’ll find yourself asking “what exactly do I need for my newborn baby?” In truth- you don’t need a lot for your newborn. However, there are a few essentials every little one needs. Of course, there are also […]

Mom breastfeeding newborn

How birth influences breastfeeding


A baby’s birth is a life-changing event. Not only does a little human being give their first breath, but a woman becomes a mother. The physical and emotional effects of birth on both mom and baby are more far-reaching than most people may think. One of the areas most affected is breastfeeding. According to the […]

Babyshower gift ideas

5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas Every New Mom Needs


Baby Shower Gift Basics There are a few things a new mom can never have enough of- nappies, wet wipes, burp cloths, etc. And while these may be practical gifts, we have put together a list of meaningful and useful gifts you might not have thought of. And if you need more inspiration, do have […]

ready for potty training

Potty Training, how do I know when my child is ready?


Potty training time, yeah!!!! No more nappies means we save time and money. But it can be tricky figuring out if your child is ready to start the process. Potty training is not something you can rush into or attempt  before your child is ready.   Read more on what to expect when you start […]

toddler sitting on potty toilet training

Mom, read this if your child is ready for potty training


A potty trained toddler –  the ultimate sign of parenting success? You have done this – navigated parenthood and managed to guide your wee little infant to an independent child. At least, this is what everyone seems to believe. But is it really the truth?  Today we’re talking potty training – what you need to […]

Baby being born after following birth plan

How to write a birth plan


What is a birth plan, and should you have one? A birth plan is exactly what the name says – a plan of action for your birth. For many moms, birth is something that happens to them and the process often feels out of your control. It is important to realise that there are decision […]

Pain and discomfort after birth – what to expect?


Pain after birth is normal- today we break down what you can expect in your first days post-partum. Your body undergoes massive changes during pregnancy. After delivery, recovery is a long process. You also have the additional discomfort caused by the birth itself (whether it was vaginal or via Caesarean section). Read more on what […]

Postpartum mom holding baby against belly during the first weeks of motherhood.

Tips to survive the first 6 weeks of motherhood.


  The first 6 weeks of being a new mother are like nothing else that you have ever experienced.  It’s an emotional roller coaster and exhausting, exhilarating and fulfilling all at the same time. Here are some tips to help you survive the first 6 weeks. Don’t underestimate what your body has just been through: […]