Baby on her first birthday

10 things that your baby does not need at his first birthday


One whole year, a full trip around the sun!! Your little one’s first birthday is around the corner and you are feeling all the feels. You are probably also feeling a little overwhelmed with party-planning, gift giving, cake smash planning and Pinterest boards full of inspiration. 10 Things your baby does not need on their […]

Breastfeeding mom and baby

Top 5 things you need for breastfeeding


I had a beautiful breastfeeding journey with both my kids- 18 months with each of them. Some moments were beyond precious, others were gut wrenching, some filled me with joy while others brought me to tears- some happy, others not. With a total of 3 years of breastfeeding behind me, I’ve learnt a thing or […]

Toddler Activities, toddler play banner

Free Printable Holiday Activity Book


Holiday activities making you feel a little on edge? The end of the year is upon us, crazy how time flies. For some parents, the upcoming school holidays seem daunting. We’ve created a free resource to keep your spirits up and your days full of joy. Download your Free  BWW Activity Book.   THE TODDLER […]

essential oils everything you need to know babywombworld

Essential Oils – Everything You Need to Know


As you would know if you favour mom-related social media platforms, essential oils have made a big comeback. And even though we can thank social media for this new awareness, the use of essential oils have date back thousands of years to ancient civilizations. Aromatherapy – or the use of aromas/smell to enhance physical and […]

tips and tricks for maternity shoot

Mom, read this before you plan your maternity photo shoot


For expecting parents, every day is filled with excitement about the upcoming birth of their little one… and not to mention the growing bump! Booking a professional maternity shoot is a great way to treasure the memory of your pregnancy. Maternity photography not only captures your beautiful bump, but also the emotions that accompany the final […]

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