Mom holding baby, struggling with depression

Baby blues and postnatal depression – don’t be caught unaware


From the moment you find out that you are pregnant, the baby and the birth becomes your biggest focus. You want to stay healthy, may attend antenatal classes, choose a birth option and get ready for the big day.  And so it should be.  But are you preparing at all for the period after baby’s birth? […]

Loving your body and fitness journey during pregnancy babywombworld

Loving your body and fitness journey during pregnancy


Most women have some issues with their body; we all have at least one thing (more likely multiple things) about ourselves that we would like to change. There are many causes for these insecurities, and for most women, it roots from very early in life. We tend to completely forget to also love and honour […]

Postnatal recovery

Postnatal recovery – Why patience is key!


In pregnancy, there is so much focus on the upcoming birth and on baby’s arrival that we often forget one of the most important aspects of the whole process – mom’s postnatal recovery. Whether you have a vaginal birth or a Cesarean section, how you rehabilitate will have long-lasting effects on your body. Not only […]

how to get fit after your c-section babywombworld

Mom, here is how to get fit after your c-section


Yes – you are actually allowed to do exercise after a Cesarean section. However, going at it in the gym after your c-section may have to wait. In this article, we discuss how to get fit after a c-section. Here are some tips and tricks for reintroducing exercise into your daily routine after baby’s birth, […]

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