5 Holiday must-haves from BabyWombWorld

holiday must-haves BabyWombWorld

The year is drawing to an end, and excitement for the upcoming break is running high. Here in Gauteng the traffic has already lightened as schools are winding down. Through the end-of-year rush to get everything done, holiday happiness is in the air!

With small children in the house a holiday is extra special, as it gives you some quality time to spend with them and the opportunity to view Christmas through their eyes.  Whether you are planning a relaxing holiday on the beach, braving the scorching weather and mosquitos in our bushveld areas, or simply staying at home and planning to get some diy done, BabyWombWorld has 5 perfect product suggestions to ensure that your time is just a bit easier. What is more, these products will last long and continue to bring joy long after the Christmas lights have come down.

  1. BabyWombWorld Compact Baby Stroller

This is the ultimate holiday stroller, designed to be simple and easy to use so that you can take it anywhere you go. The Compact Baby Stroller can be folded and unfolded in seconds. When folded it is small enough to fit into an airplane overhead compartment. It has some handy features like a rain cover and large storage basked for all the paraphernalia babies bring. The best part is that all the comforts of the product was designed without the functionality and sturdiness being compromised. This stroller is equally suited for a day in the mall or an outside walk in nature.

  1. A BabyWombWorld Baby Carrier

BabyWombWorld has a baby wrap, a ring sling and a classic carrier to ensure that there is an option that works for every mom and baby. A carrier is the ideal holiday tool. You can carry your baby close and keep him safe wherever you are, all while keeping your hands free for luggage or other holiday tasks. The emotional safety that a babywearing brings is especially valuable to babies when they are in a different environment where they may feel insecure.

  1. BabyWombWorld Video Baby Monitor with Audio and Night Vision

This monitor does exactly what the name says. It allows you to see and hear your baby via an app on your phone. That way you can enjoy your braai outside while baby is sleeping in the house. It is small and compact and easy to slip into your bag. It is also wireless and functions on battery power. The best part is the price, as it is super affordable and excellent value for money.

  1. 2-in-1 Co sleeper & Camp Cot

If you are going on holiday you may well need to take along a cot for baby, as most places do not really cater for babies. Even if they have camp cots available, one cannot always be ensured of the hygiene of a pre-used cot. Baby will also sleep better if sleeping in the cot that he is used to, which will ensure better sleep for mom on her holiday.

Parents who co-sleep has a special challenge on holiday, as most holiday resort beds are not really designed for three sleepers, yet your baby won’t sleep if not lying next to you, Poor dad mostly end up on the couch, which was typically also not designed for sleeping! This cot essentially extends the bed so that baby can still lie next to you.

Another challenge on holiday is space, especially with all the extras that you have to take along for your little one. The BabyWombWorld camp cot has a zipped door at the bottom to allow you to store and easily access nappies, blankets and other tools and toys.

  1. BabyWombWorld 3-in-2 Infrared Thermometer and the Portable Nebuliser

Unfortunately children can get sick anywhere. A well-stocked first-aid kit is essential. You should definitely include a thermometer, as most illnesses include fever and it’s crucial to know how high the fever is as this will determine the treatment.

The BabyWombWorld Portable Nebuliser is a must-have for treating coughs and congestion. It is silent and battery-operated. Both these products are small enough that you can easily take it along in your baby bag.

There are many more, so do visit our website and contact us should you have any queries. Happy holiday shopping!


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