20 Babyled weaning recipes

Introducing solids is so much easier and stress-free for moms if you follow the babyled weaning principle. Basically what this involves is following your babies lead when it comes to what they eat and when. You introduce as much food as you want to when you want and let them decide what they want and what they don’t like. It is a great way to start introducing solids.

We have put together a list of our top 20 recipes that are perfect for babyled weaning.

Sugar-free flapjacks – these are more like breakfast bars but they are sugar-free for those wanting to limit your babies sugar intake. These also work well for on-the go snacks.

Apple and Cinnamon wedges – this is a great snack idea and a way to introduce fruit to your baby’s diet. Babyled Weaning Recipes |BabyWombWorld

Mac and Cheese – this is such a great meal because your little one can pick up each piece of pasta using the pincer grip and you can also hide veggies in here if your older kids are veggie averse.

Apple and pear clafoutis – this is a super quick recipe to make and is so delicious the whole family can eat it. You can pretty much any fruit in it and it keeps for a few days.

Oats and banana crumpets – these are perfect for when you need a quick (or lazy) breakfast idea. It uses just 3 ingredients making them super easy and healthy to make. Babyled Weaning Recipes |BabyWombWorld

Tuna Cheddar Melts – tuna is so quick and easy to make and these little melts are so cool if you are having a play date or preparing for a few kids.

Broccoli bites – broccoli on it’s own is a great food for babyled weaning because your little one can pick it up easily and it is jam-packed with goodness. These little bites add some cheese and will be a hit!

Cauliflower and Potato Cakes – these are so yummy and perfect for pretty much any time of the day. You could also add any veggies into this.

Pizza – pizza is always a win and you can have lots of fun with the toppings. Babyled Weaning Recipes |BabyWombWorld

Gluten free muesli bars – if you are following a gluten free lifestyle then these are perfect for little ones as breakfast alternatives.

Savoury lentil cupcakes – lentils are such a great source of protein and these cupcakes are perfect for little hands to hold on to.

Rainbow Omelettes – the more colourful the food, the more likely your child is to want to eat it. These little rainbow omelettes are delicious, healthy and fun.

Baby cereal pancakes – this is a pretty cool recipe and a great way to incorporate baby cereal into your child’s diet.

Pork and Sweet Potato Meatballs – this is also a gluten free recipe. These will be a favourite with older kids and the adults in the house. They are also a great idea for party food. Babyled Weaning Recipes |BabyWombWorld

Fish Sticks – fish is a great source of vitamins and nutrients and a healthy alternative to red meat. These fish steaks are much nicer than the store bought alternatives.

Avocado and Spinach pasta – this dish may get a bit messy but is such a great meal for tactile development and it is vegetarian.

Chicken Tikka Masala – don’t be scared to try more adventurous dishes on your baby. This chicken tikka masala is baby friendly and is guaranteed to be a hit.

Baby Pasta Salad – this is another recipe that is great for the pincer grip and it can be made into portions and kept for the week.Babyled Weaning Recipes |BabyWombWorld

Chicken roll ups – if you have chicken left over then this is the perfect thing to make.

Banana, Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato sandwich – this is definitely a slightly more adventurous meal but if you introduce your child to dishes like this they will learn to try and experiment with their food.

What are some of the foods your baby enjoys?

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Babyled Weaning Recipes |BabyWombWorld

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