10 Uses for a Muslin Blanket

Uses for a Muslin Blanket

Muslin blankets are one of the items that you can never really have too many of, you will always find a use for them and they will be used for many months, even years. There are so many uses for baby blankets, make sure you add them to your baby shower gift list.

  1. A blanket. This is a pretty obvious reason but muslin blankets are a great choice for a baby blanket. They are nice and thin which is perfect for our warm South African summers, you can put them over baby without worrying that he gets too hot. They are generally big so you can use them as your baby grows.
  2. Sun shield. Muslin blankets are ideal sun shields for the car or to cover the pram for walks.
  3. Swaddling. Muslin blankets are perfect for swaddling because they are big and you are able to wrap your baby up tightly so they can’t wiggle out.
  4. Cover while you breastfeed. Breastfeeding while you are out can get a bit tricky, muslin blankets are ideal covers. Tie two blankets together,  pop it over your head and it will cover you up nicely. The advantage of using the blankets as a cover, is once you are done you can just use it as a blanket again.
  5. Changing mat. Babies never poop when it’s convenient.  So blankets can be used to cover your back seat of the car or on the grass or wherever you have to change your baby.
  6. Safety blankie. Babies like things that are familiar. What is more familiar than the blanket they have been using since the first day of their life.
  7. Trolley cover. Sometimes you have to use the trolley, but they often aren’t soft and they aren’t the cleanest of places. Blankets are the perfect trolley covers.
  8. Burp cloth. Little babies seem to always be spitting up and you always seem to wiping it off your top, your babies face or anywhere else it seems to have landed. Blankets are always on hand to grab and use as a burp cloth.
  9. Tents and imaginary play. Building tents and forts in the lounge or bedroom is a vital part of childhood. They also make great super hero capes.
  10. Picnic blanket. Don’t donate all your blankets when your baby grows up, they come in very handy as picnic blankets, especially if you are having a birthday party.

Do you have any other uses for baby blankets?

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