10 things that your baby does not need at his first birthday

Your child’s first birthday party is a very special day and one that needs to be celebrated with much fanfare and excitement. If it is your first child’s first birthday it is very easy to get carried away with creating the event of the year but there are a few things you really do not need.What your child DOES NOT need for their 1st birthday | BabyWombWorld

  1. A massive triple tiered birthday cake. There is no need to do this. Your baby can only eat so much cake and they really can’t appreciate the 2 weeks your baker spent designing the cake. Save the money for the wedding cake, when they will appreciate it.
  2. Every single sweet that fits into your theme. A one year old doesn’t know about sugar, they will not miss it at their birthday so try to limit it. There is so much food you can use instead that will still fit in with your theme and be healthy.
  3. Hiring an entire fun fair. One year olds, in fact most toddlers are very happy to bounce on a trampoline or to throw some balls around. A ferris wheel and a merry go round will look super cool but is completely unnecessary.
  4. Over packed party packs. I used to cram all the sweets and chips and juice I could into party packs but then I started receiving the same party packs for my kids, as soon as they climbed into the car after they party they smashed all the sugar into their face. It was not pretty. I scaled it down dramatically. What your child DOES NOT need for their 1st birthday | BabyWombWorld
  5. A schedule of activities. You do not need a face painter and pony rides and a puppet show and Barbie reading a story. The day will be busy enough and too much can overwhelm your child and make it unpleasant for them. If you really do want something, stick to one activity.
  6. A professional photographer. This one can be argued for strongly but as long as someone is taking photos, you don’t really need a professional photographer. Ask your guests to send you all the photos they took and you will find some very special moments.
  7. Decorations that would rival a Kardashians wedding. Some moms love to prepare and make the décor and design a party that is all kinds of awesome. That is so great. Your one year old is never ever going to even remember the castle you made from balloons or the Minions built from Lego at the entrance. You can still make the venue look amazing without blowing your budget on bunting and balloons.
  8. A fancy pants first birthday outfit, especially not in white! Obviously we all want our birthday child to look nice and that is great but do not extend your bond to get an outfit that he will smear chocolate on or paint all over. Choose something that looks nice but is also practical.
  9. A chocolate fountain. Your one year old will not appreciate this at all, save it for their 16th birthday rather. Also do you really want a bunch of one year olds attacking a chocolate fountain?
  10. An event planner. Planning your child’s first birthday party is a huge deal, it is important and needs to be celebrated but it does not need an event planner. You can, with a little bit of planning in advance, make sure that your child’s day is extremely special.

Sometimes keeping it simple is the better way to go. One year olds can get over stimulated very quickly so bombarding them with too much is not a good idea. Focus instead on enjoy them on their special day.

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