5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas Every New Mom Needs

Babyshower gift ideas

Baby Shower Gift Basics

There are a few things a new mom can never have enough of- nappies, wet wipes, burp cloths, etc.

And while these may be practical gifts, we have put together a list of meaningful and useful gifts you might not have thought of.

And if you need more inspiration, do have a look at our ultimate checklist of what you need for your new baby.


Children love stories, and teaching then a love for reading from early on is beneficial on so many levels.

If you know what the mom’s favourite storybooks were while growing up, try to find copies of those books. Otherwise pick out classics that the baby can keep as they grow up.

Buy books for different phases- kids grow up fast!

A Photoshoot

Probably one of the best gifts you could give- memories captured for a lifetime! Photoshoots can be a little pricey, so ask a few friends to pool their funds together.

Be mindful of the personal style of the mom you’re buying for- if she likes natural and unposed photos, opt for a photographer that has a similar style.

A thermometer

It might not be the pretties gift at the baby shower, but it will be one of the most used gifts! A reliable thermometer is a must have in any household with a child.

A sling/wrap or other baby carrier

Babywearing has so many benefits and can make life with a newborn much easier for both mom and baby.

A good quality carrier will go a long way. She may have a specific one in mind, so be sure to chat to her casually beforehand to find out how you can surprise her with the carries she really loves.



Baby is going to be showered with cute outfits, but a new mom’s wardrobe is often forgotten. Spoil mom with a great nursing bra and  breastfeeding friendly clothing.


Often this is what new moms really need the most. Give her some ‘vouchers’ for an hour’s baby sitting or a dishwashing session, or simply drop off some meals once baby arrives.

Let her know you are there and ready to soak up some time with her little one when she needs it.


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