Wooden Educational Beads Coaster


Wooden Educational Beads Coaster



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  • Quality craftsmanship and absolutely classic & stylish toy with a “twist” for home or wherever your little one goes, keeping your baby happy and engaged!
  • Two wooden blocks, anchored by strong suction cups underneath to secure it to almost any surface, connect brightly coloured wires, which intertwine and criss-cross each other! The wires are softly coated for the multi-shaped beads to slide and spin over them and your child will easily be able to manipulate and grip this nifty little maze!
  • 23 multi-shaped wooden beads, shapes and rings help to teach tracking skills, colours and shapes as your little one pushes and slides them along the different wires.
  • This educational masterpiece will stimulate auditory, visual and tactile senses all at once while building excellent fine motor skills, sensory skills and hand-eye coordination through play.


Sturdy construction made to last
Size: 21,5 x 13 x 20,5 cm (8,46 x 5,12 x 8,07 inches)


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